How do Braces Affect the Facial Structure?

Still, you know that orthodontic treatment is all about teeth straightening, right? But do you know it is also responsible for correcting facial features as there is a direct link between jawline and facial profile. By making the teeth aligned Invisalign and braces bring positive change in features and shape of the face. In mild cases, you can notice the beautiful smile only.

But in complex cases you will find differences in facial appearance which gets badly affected due to poor oral health and imbalance of the jaw. Once alignment is over both smile and face becomes more prominent and dramatic. Actually orthodontists ace in maintaining the balance within aesthetics and function knowing in what ways both appearance and oral health can be boosted using teeth straightening option.

Although it is quite impossible to detect the changes prior and post Invisalign treatment yet features will enhance for sure. Actually, it needs much more precise planning to deliver the perfect facial shape. But some clinics facilitating orthodontics use the 3D scanning to weave the treatment plan in such a way that it acts as a positive approach for having a perfect face too.

They not only design to improve dental health and features, but also the aesthetic appearance of the patient. Let’s take a dig into this topic from this blog post.

Changes in facial structure after Invisalign or braces

When a person’s face becomes asymmetrical it often catches our attention due to awkwardness! But often people ignore them considering them as a result of numerous health, aging and mental factors. But it is possible to have substantial discrepancies in the jaw. Both Invisalign clear braces and braces can correct the asymmetries perfectly while straightening the teeth at the same time.

It never creates any direct impact in altering the facial feature, but alignment of teeth creates an indirect impact. Afterwards, you can easily find that there is some sort of facial transformation. At our clinic we are going to take such problems into account so you can have an impressive smile with beautiful face with aging.

Remember age is an integral aspect to consider when it comes to facial feature changes using Invisalign and braces. Young patients can have more chance to manipulate the facial structure and jaw as it is still developing and growing.

It is surprising to know that facial feature of the kids is the key aim of Invisalign offering proper jaw growth guidance. Even adults can undergo the teeth straightening treatment to notice certain perfection in facial discrepancies and imbalances.

Regular instances for Using Invisalign


Underbite refers to the condition in which front teeth sit back of bottom teeth. As a result your lower jaw will stick out which make an awkward facial shape. But after undergoing the teeth straightening treatment you can achieve a completely different look.

It corrects the imbalance within the lower and upper jaw and fixes the place where the teeth of both of jaws are going to meet. It makes the lower facial part quite harmonious. The facial features will become more proportionate and softer than ever.


Invisalign and braces can correct the facial feature disturbances made due to overbite. It results in sticking of front teeth farther than that of bottom teeth resulting in sunken cheeks and weak chin. The treatment enables the arches to come closer to make the bite aligned by providing you a more proportionate profile of the face. Also, you are going to get stronger jawline and chin.

Open bite

By having an open bite front teeth get affected badly. Also, you have to stretch your lips more to close perfectly over the teeth. As a result, it seems you have long facial shape, causing speech impediment and eating issues.

Both braces and Invisal  ign will allow the front teeth again to contact perfectly improving its function and smile. You can receive supple and full cheeks for which you are dreaming for long.

Other malocclusion types

Other malocclusion kinds like crossbite or crooked teeth can also distort the facial features and shape. Teeth aligning will assist you to restore your beautiful smile and regain the facial focal point, leaving a supple and harmony to other facial features.

Both braces and Invisalign affect the facial structure! It is obviously an additional bonus and key objective if considered from the very beginning. But the severity of the condition and outcome you want also determine the result of the treatment. By visiting our clinic you can address those irregularities of your facial profile.

Digital scan will let you show how we are going to make smile simulation that corrects the features as well. There is no chance of surprising related to our prices and treatment plan. We only do what we show to our patients. Visit our site to book a free consultation today!

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