How Long Vape Batteries Last | Tips to Extend Your Battery Life

No one wants their vape to run out of batteries in the middle of their day, or even to be carrying around a dead vape. Of course, different types of vapes have different integrated and replaceable batteries. But, there are several ways of getting your vape to last even longer, without having to charge it every once in a while.

And trust us, it’s not always about the price of the batteries. We know places that offer cheap vape batteries that last longer than many expensive brands. So, it’s more about how you take care of your batteries and use them. 

In this article, we will share a few tried-and-tested tips on how you can extend your vape’s battery life.

Why batteries don’t last longer?

Before heading over to how you can extend your battery life, let’s take a look at what causes batteries to die must faster than they should.

Apart from the batteries losing their capacity over time, there are more reasons why your vape’s batteries die faster, such as:

  •     Overheating
  •     Overcharging
  •     Damaged batteries
  •     Incorrect chargers
  •     Damaged battery wrapping
  •     Misuse
  •     Leaking battery

Tips to extend your vape’s battery life

Now that we have seen what actually damages batteries and can cause them to not last longer, here are several tips that will definitely help to keep those batteries running for longer periods of time:

Avoid charging your vape with your computer

Numerous people out there often charge their vape batteries by connecting them to their computer or laptop through a USB. 

If you’re one of those people, you must stop charging your vape with your computer. Why? Well, firstly, computers can’t really control the amperage output of your device through a USB cable. 

Therefore, this leads to either overcharging your vape’s battery or downgrading it over time. 

Secondly, apart from the battery overcharging and downgrading, charging your vape this way can potentially damage itself, as well as the computer.

Always shut your vape off when not in use

This is specifically for those vapes that do not automatically turn off when not in use. In case you leave the vape turned on for a long period of time especially when it’s not in use, this can result in the batteries losing capacity much faster. 

Thus, this will eventually lead you to replace those batteries more frequently than you could have imagined.

Do not overcharge your vape

You must avoid overcharging your vape thinking it will last longer. Overcharging your vape greatly shortens its battery life. This is because batteries of any vaping device can be charged again for a specific number of cycles before their lifespan begins to decrease. Thus, leaving batteries to overcharge for long periods of time will affect their ability to hold a charge.

Furthermore, overcharging can also result in a complete battery malfunction. Although cases of this happening are quite rare, it is not impossible.

 Never leave your vape on charging overnight

This tip is specifically for those individuals who tend to leave their vapes on charging overnight. This again leads to a significant decrease in the battery’s life, and can also permanently damage the batteries as well. Therefore, a full charge that continues to overcharge for long periods of time can eventually break the battery, and cause it to explode.

Proper storage of the batteries

Batteries should be properly stored separately, especially if you’re on the go and carrying rechargeable batteries. Consider for example you are carrying your vape’s spare batteries in one pocket, and your keys as well. 

Thus, in case one key touches the positive side of the battery and the other key touches the negative, this can cause the batteries to eventually vent. Thus, the batteries will no longer be useful. 

Therefore, this is why you should always store batteries separately, or in plastic containers which is even better. This way, your vape’s batteries will stay put, and no mishaps will occur.

Moreover, you must also be mindful of the temperature of where you’ll be storing your vape’s batteries. You must know that extremely hot or cold temperatures can negatively affect the chemistry in the battery, and can even cause it to degrade. The ideal temperature for storing batteries is anywhere between 20°C (68°F) to 25°C (77°F).

Install batteries correctly

In case you install the batteries in your vape incorrectly, such as upside down, this can again cause the batteries to vent. Therefore, always take a close look at the batteries, and do consider reading the instructions before you try installing the batteries yourself.

Keep your vape’s batteries clean

Not only should you keep your vape free from any dust or dirt, but this also goes for its batteries. This is because when batteries get dirty, the dirt or any other contamination can alter and weaken its connection with the vape. Therefore, you will end up having a very weak connection, as well as a poor discharge of vapor, as the battery will be working higher than its capacity in order to deliver massive vapors.

The ideal way of cleaning your vape’s batteries is to use q-tips, and carefully take out and sweep out any dust or debris that you can spot. ​​

By doing this, the batteries will stay at their optimal performance, and will also extend their service life. Thus, you should consider cleaning your vape, and especially its batteries, from time to time.

Always store the batteries fully charged

In case you have a vape with fixed internal batteries, you should really consider fully charging them before storing them. This goes for removable batteries as well. Thus, before keeping them away, fully charge them and then store them.

Don’t leave your batteries uncharged for long periods of time

You must not leave your vape’s batteries idle and unused for long periods of time. In case these keep lying around in your drawer or store room unused for a considerable amount of time, the performance of these batteries can be impaired when you eventually use them. 

This is usually because of the materials the vape batteries are made of, causing them to degrade even faster when you use them.

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