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Guide of Surgical and Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal Treatment

Double chin is a common condition among several people. It develops when the layer of excess fat deposits, in particular under the chin area. However, most people accept it as a part of their body. but for others, it acts as a physical barrier to getting more social and feeling confident about their appearance. Several factors contribute to the formation of a double chin, so it is important to familiarize yourself with those before looking for the best non-surgical double chin removal treatment; you can also come forward for surgical options.

Causes of double chin:

Excess fat

It is quite a common cause among people as when you gain weight; the fat gets deposited all across the body parts, including your face and under the chin area. Moreover, in certain body types, the possibility of weight gain sneaking up to your face is higher. For people with larger body frames, a few extra pounds on the hips or belly might be unnoticeable, but one day when you look at a mirror, you come across an extra chin.

Ageing skin: 

Ageing is a natural process; when you reach to the age of 25, the amount of collagen your body produces begins to decline, and your skin starts losing elasticity and begins to sag. It also affects the skin under your jaw, and our body loses muscular definition with growing age, which emphasizes the effect.

Poor posture: 

Poor posture not only causes neck pain but is also a factor that contributes to the appearance of the double chin. Adopting poor posture affects your platysma muscle which connects the chin to the neck. When this muscle weakens, it reduces the elasticity around the jowls and the sagging effect that goes with it.


If members in your family tend to have plump chins, that can also be predisposed to you. More precisely, there isn’t a specific gene for having a double chin aside from bone structure being a genetic trait. There could be a weight gain, skin elasticity or storage of fat in that particular area.

Non-surgical Treatment Options for double skin:

Healthy diet and exercise: 

The most effective way to reduce weight is to avoid food products containing saturated fat and refined sugar. Instead, you should focus more on eating green vegetables, plenty of fruits and fiber. The protein and fiber will help you to feel fuller for longer. Moreover, with a properly balanced diet, it is also important to be involved in a workout regime as yoga is considered the best non-surgical double chin removal treatment that helps reduce the fat in particular areas of your body. Cardio training is also a prominent option to burn a few more extra calories.


Proper skincare is the best non-surgical double chin removal treatment for people. The ones to have a concern of double chin due to growing age can get benefit from. Moreover, you can also reverse the signs of ageing. It is important to build proper skincare with heavy moisturizers rich in vitamin C, peptides, collagen, and retinol that stimulate cell turnover to make your skin look younger.

Lifestyle changes: 

If you are a person who tends to drink alcohol a lot, that can also cause double chin. The excess consumption of alcohol leads to dehydration in your body, which is bad for your skin. To be more precise, water retention in your skin starts to bloat and becomes puffy. It accentuates the appearance of a double chin. Instead, drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated; proper sleep is the best way to age backwards.

Facial massage:   

The facial massage is the best non-surgical double chin removal treatment as it acts as a face workout that helps the lymphatic system to remove excess fluid and toxins. It reduces bloating from your face and under the chin area. The soothing and relaxing face massage with gentle strokes reduces swelling from the neck, eye area, and rest of your face. Moreover, the execration of toxins and fluids also benefits your immune system. For most people, it is hard to use their hands. However, there are several massage tools on the market.

Surgical options for double chin: 


Surgery can be the surest solution for a person with a double chin due to genetics or facial structure. A person’s genetics or bone structure makes it difficult to reduce a double chin. Contouring is a less intensive treatment that takes less time for recovery. Nevertheless, this is an extremely effective treatment to reduce the appearance of a double chin and drooping jowls.


face lifts stress on targeted areas that significantly reduce sagging jowls and neck laxity. Moreover, the facelift procedure minimizes the number of incisions, reducing the recovery time.


Most people desire a chiseled jawline to appear more confident and physically attractive, but various factors such as ageing, poor posture, and excess weight make it hard to get rid of a double chin. However, with the best non-surgical double chin removal treatments, it can be possible to eliminate it. But, of course, surgery is always an option if any of those treatments are not working for you.

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