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5 Ways to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

Rosé, Chardonnay, Moscato, Merlot… names you’ve heard before and tastes you love. This is an adult drink that never goes out of style. Be it still or sparkling, a glass of good wine on the couch after a long day is not a want, it’s a need.

Dinner parties, get together, girls night out/in, movie night with bae… you name it, wine compliments everything. But the main hassle in it isn’t buying it, you can do that online, buy your alcohol online folks! It’s easier that way and you can place an order any time, no one would know when you decided to enjoy a glass of wine or a shot of tequila *wink*. The main hassle is opening the wine!

About buying your alcohol online, where else would you go than “Drinks Network”. With a wide range of wines to spirits, they have everything you could ever desire. Be it English or French, be it still, semi-sparkling or sparkling, they have it all. Online orders tend to get mixed up and you end up getting the opposite of what you ordered or something worse than that. Not here, drinks network ensures you that your time experience and money is valued by them. Go ahead, don’t hesitate in clicking ‘place order’.

No one usually have corkscrews lying around the house; if you have one, well makes the parties much easier then. For people who don’t have corkscrews, keep reading!

Ways to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

Push it in

The most conventional and old way of opening the wine bottle without a corkscrew is pushing the cork in, you can do it with any sharp object and some force. You can also hammer it in with the force of your hand and then use your fingers to push it all the way in. if not that, the back of a knife can be used too, but be careful while doing so. Once it’s in, pour yourself a delicious glass of wine and enjoy!

Use a lighter

You might have seen this in hack videos, but it really works. Have to say it is a slight bit dangerous but nothing you lot cannot handle. To open your wine bottle, just warm up the neck of the bottle below the cork with a lighter. The gas molecules underneath the cork would start to expand due to the heat, hence pushing the cork upwards. Make sure you heat all sides of the bottle so heat is distributed evenly and opening the bottle is a success. After some time, when the bottle starts getting hot, the cork will start moving upwards and pop out!

Nail it out

If we go deep into the workings of a corkscrew, the main thing used there is a nail, just attached to that nail is an easy way to pop the cork out. we can do that with just a nail and hammer! To make sure you don’t push it down, you can grab onto the cork from the sides and nail into it. Then from the opposite side of the hammer, pull the nail and cork out. you can also use screws for maximum success.

Swiss army knife that cork

Most people have Swiss army knives for various reasons. They are the ultimate survival gadget for anything and anywhere in the world. They are also a life saver at your dinner party, use the corkscrew attachment on it and pop open that bottle of yours for a lovely evening with friends and family!

Pop it out

If you have nothing available at home and you’re desperate for a glass of wine, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You can easily pop the cork out by creating pressure inside the bottle. Wrap your wine bottle in towel, make sure its sides and bottom is completely cushioned. Find a flat surface and smack the cushioned bottom of the bottle on it, as the pressure will build inside it, you’ll see the cork coming out. when it’s up enough for you to screw it out with your hand, stop and pop it out!

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