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Honeymoon in Manali – 7 Top Most Interesting Things To Do While Honeymooning in Manali

Best Villa in Manali

Manali is a charming mountain vacation town in Himachal Pradesh. Manali is located in the breathtaking Himalayas, and the Beas River flows right through town. With the winter, from October to February, Manali is completely covered in snow, creating an incredibly stunning scene. The Royal Woods Manali provide the Best Villa in Manali for honeymoon.

Every romantic’s dream has snow-capped mountains, beautiful green deodars along winding roads, and cool temperatures. These days, many Indian couples choose to spend their honeymoon in Manali. Manali typically resembles Cupid’s home. Manali has lots to offer for all different types of couples, including those seeking a quiet, romantic honeymoon, those who want to experience their adventurous side, religious couples, and foodies.

Here are some activities you can engage in during your honeymoon in Manali to truly experience romance at its finest.

Best Villa in Manali

1. Indulge in a hot spring bath

Natural sulphur springs can be found across Himachal Pradesh. The most famous spring is located in Vashisht, a village 3 kilometres from Manali. Visitors from all over the world come to this charming town to soak in the hot spring. Couples on their honeymoon in Manali adore going here because of the soothing and calming effects of the water.

2. Spend time at Pandoh dam

A lovely tourist destination between Manali and Kullu is Pandoh Dam. It provides a beautiful view. Couples can spend as much time as they like relaxing by the river. Pandoh is a pleasant and aesthetic treat for honeymooning couples visiting Manali.

3. Play in snow in Rohtang Pass

A trip to Rohtang is a must for any couple on their honeymoon in Manali. Only foot traffic is allowed in Rohtang. This is a short and enjoyable hike. The pass is blanketed with snow all year round. Here, couples can enjoy snow activities and bring back amusingly romantic memories.

4. Stroll on Mall Road

The main market in Manali is on Mall Road. A long, dimly illuminate street is lined with stores, food carts, and restaurants. The ideal location for honeymooners in Manali is Mall Road, which offers a charming stroll between tall mountains, odd stores selling trinkets, tiny cafes and restaurants, and benches at regular intervals.

Rush of adrenaline!

Manali is a haven for adventure! Numerous athletic activities can be play there thanks to its geographic location, topography, and terrain.

Here are some activities that intrepid couples might partake in while on their honeymoon in Manali.

5. Fly Away Together

In Manali, paragliding is a popular sport. The option of tandem paragliding is available to couples. It will certainly be a memorable experience to fly with your lover while surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Couples who fly together remain together, after all!

6. Romance with some adventure activities

Manali’s uneven terrain makes a variety of sports more feasible. Couples can choose from any of these and indulge in some crazy behaviour.

Mountaineering, rock climbing, rappelling, and zorbing are a few of these adventure sports.

7Goddess Sharvari Temple

Goddess Durga has taken the form of Goddess Sharvari. This temple has an upbeat and uplifting energy despite its modest appearance. Deodar trees coated in snow surround it, lending a beautiful air.

Other Details For Your Honeymoon In Manali

The Royal Woods Manali by Aaroham Resorts is very easy to get there. The majority of couples choose to depart from Delhi, Chandigarh, Ambala, or Pathankot via bus. Bhuntar Airport in Kullu is the closest airport (50 km from Manali). Joginder nagar railway station is the closest.

Due to its stunning scenery, majestic mountains, silver deodar woods, vast apple orchards, adventure sports, sightseeing opportunities, resorts, and culinary specialties, Manali has earned the moniker “Honeymoon Capital of India.” Manali is the most romantic place in India because the snow gives its landscapes a wonderful touch.

Honeymoon is an opportunity to explore and adventure. Go for paragliding and skiing, explore forests and lush green valleys, and shop for local arts from the local markets. The best time to plan a vacation is when the weather is dry. So, you can plan your trip from October to February.

Looking for places to explore while you are on your honeymoon? You cannot miss Manali!  Manali is all that you need for a trip that is bound to leave you both fulfill and refresh

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