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Things You Must Know about Burmese Ruby

Ruby is such an adorable gemstone in Vedic astrology which is located or formed all over the world, including Africa, Australia, and America. Nevertheless, the finest quality stone that comes from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma Ruby, leads to signifying the most visually stunning gemstone on the earth. Burmese Ruby gemstone is the most precious and most valuable stone of the corundum mineral family. What presents the term “Burmese ruby” universally admired? Please explore all things about this beautiful and stunning gemstone in this article.

What is a Burmese Ruby Gemstone?

Although there are numerous types of ruby mines that have offered high-quality ruby gemstone. In Myanmar, Burmese ruby is a popular variety of ruby gemstone mined from the Mogok tract of upper Burma. This famed deposit was recognized for over 1000 years as the home of the most exquisite ruby on the earth.

Mogok rubies own not just red body color, but, by a whim of nature, red fluorescence, too. In addition, the best quality stones include tiny quantities of light-scattering rutile silk. In the gemstone trade, an old Burma ruby by default implies a high-quality ruby exhibiting pigeon blood, dark red, or deep pink color, which are admitted to be the most desirable colors gemstone in the world. New Burma ruby gemstone and old Burma ruby gemstone both are not the same quality of gemstones.

Old Burma ruby (or Burmese Ruby) is the most precious quality of stone mined from the Mogok. It is exceptionally valuable because of its superior color quality and consistency. At the time, most of the alluvial sediments in the Mogok district were mined out. Therefore, its cost is dramatically more expensive in comparison to other varieties of ruby gemstone.

New Burma Ruby is named for one coming from new mines which have been examined in the southerly region of Myanmar (Mong Hsu). New Burma Ruby has an ordinary class and is in more petite sizes, generally under half a carat. Now, it is quite difficult to get a new Burmese ruby stone of 1 carat or more. Besides, the New Burma Ruby gemstone is not as precise as the Old Burma Ruby due to the appearance of different geological conditions.

The rubies that come from Mong Hsu mines in the rough form are threatening with a purplish color shade. Mortals usually improve this by applying different types of heat treatment to exclude the silk as well as the blue which thereby appears in transparent red stones. So, it can seem similar to untreated Mogok ruby gemstones. In fact, we cannot differentiate the variation between them through a naked eye. We can only recognize it only under a microscope. A natural Burma ruby is much more worthwhile than the treated one. It is therefore desirable to buy Burmese ruby certified by sanctioned national or international laboratories.

Pigeon Blood Ruby

People often overlook Pigeon Blood ruby gemstone either as a distinct variety or assume that it is by default a famous variety of Burmese ruby. In fact, Pigeon Blood is the name of the most popular and sophisticated hue in the world of ruby gemstone. It receives its title from the color matching precisely with the blood allured from a freshly killed pigeon bird.

A Pigeon Blood Ruby reveals this color with a sparse tint of purple that goes on to make a deep red color when viewed in light. For this reason, Pigeon Blood Rubies price per carat is exponentially more expensive than other ruby varieties due to its great quality. Since it is discovered in the majority of rubies from Myanmar, people often petition Pigeon blood ruby as Old Burma ruby or vice-versa.

Rabbit Blood Ruby

It is also referred to as Royal Red color, the next best color of the ruby gemstone is considered Burmese Ruby. It is an insignificantly darker red with an orange tint. These ruby gemstones lead to having a bit more numerous iron than those of the pigeon’s blood type. This makes the fluorescence and blue transmission, making the stone a more mysterious, pure red.

The color of this finest Burmese Ruby comes as a result of two important factors. In accordance with “Ruby & Sapphire: A Gemologist’s Guide” by Richard Hughes, the first factor is a mixture of the slightly bluish-red body color of the stone and the “purer” red fluorescent effusion, which work collectively to give the gemstone its high-intensity red color which makes it a desirable choice for ruby lover. The second factor of the ruby gemstone is the presence of “silk”–tiny compositions scatter light onto “facets that would otherwise be extinct,” giving the color softness and greater diffusion across the gem’s face.

Burmese Ruby Prices

The presence of rubies in Burma was produced to the attention of Europeans by explorer Marco Polo in the 13th century. Ages later, due to the inadequate supply, Burmese rubies have grown so rare that they have always built a tumult in auction rooms. In the auction of antiquity, unheated Burmese ruby gemstones were going for more than $1 million per carat. The Jubilee Ruby which holds the weight of 15.99 carats, is the most valuable colored gemstone ever sold at auction in the United States. The stone set in a unique gold and diamond mounting by Verdura was auctioned for $14.2 million, which is equal to $885,000 per carat in 2016.

In December 2015, Christie’s Hong Kong advised on an unusual Burmese ruby and diamond ring of 15.04 carats remembered as ‘The Crimson Flame’, which brought just under $18.5 million. The Ratnaraj or king of gemstones Ruby, a superb 10.05-carat Burmese ‘pigeon blood’ ruby ring was designed by Faidee. Further, it was traded for $10.2 million at Christie’s in Hong Kong in 2016.

The Most Famous Burmese Ruby Gemstone 

Few Burmese ruby gemstones have distinguished themselves because of their dimensions and extraordinary virtue. Below we have mentioned some famous and remarkable pieces of ruby gemstone found in antiquity: Alan Caplan Ruby, also named the “Mogok Ruby”, is one the most exquisite rubies on the globe. It is a 15.97-carat, untreated, natural ruby gemstone with a classic cushion-cut, and an “eye clean” clarity, having an intensive red color advancing the benchmark pigeon’s blood hue for the ruby gemstone. It was named after Alan Caplan, a prominent mineralogist and gemstone dealer who got the stone in Burma(Sri Lanka).

The Carmen Lúcia Ruby stone is one of the most delicate and largest faceted Burmese ruby gemstones. The stone was also mined from Mogok in the 1930s. At 23.10 carats, the exceptionally rare Burmese ruby displays a lavishly immersed red color known as “pigeon’s blood.” This brilliant ruby stone was a tribute to the Smithsonian and the people of the United States in 2004. It is now on show in the Gem Gallery at the National Museum of Natural gemstone History.

DeLong Star Ruby, a conspicuous star Burmese ruby, can be discovered at the Natural History Museum in New York City. It is a 100.32-carat, found in vivid purplish-red color and an eye-catching 6-rayed star effect. It gained its name from Mrs. Edith Haggin de Long who bought the stone in 1937, later bequeathed it to the museum.

The Nawata Ruby gemstone is a rare ruby gemstone that weighs 496.5 carats. It is a royal treasure of the Union of Myanmar. It is also called SLORC Ruby stone (State Law and Order Restoration Committee). The Nawata Ruby gemstone was discovered in 1990 by Than Htun, the proprietor of a brothel in Mandalay. He smuggled the ruby gemstone to Thailand and decided to sell it for 2 billion dollars. The military Junta in Myanmar then remembered that. He granted agents to recover the stone. Then Htun was then beheaded or sentenced to life in prison.

Buying Rubies in Myanmar

Although Myanmar is considered one of the world’s significant producers of high-quality ruby gemstones, not all ruby gemstones or Manik stones you view in the country are of great quality. Most of them are heat-treated or glass-loaded with low value. Try to get the good name shops which have a ‘Certificate of Authenticity from the Government. Besides, always make sure to take the products examined with Stalwart Gem Laboratory. 

Buy Burma Ruby Gemstone

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