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Guidance on 2021 Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions change with time to suit the market. In 2021 OMMA changed the instructions to give better services to MMJ patients. Familiarize yourself with the law to avoid crimes and convictions. 

There are different instructions for different groups. Let’s check how other groups can apply for MMJ in Oklahoma.

Adult patients 

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions require you to provide correct details about yourself. It’d help if you had a doc to prove your identities, such as a driver’s license, state ID card, or passport. It’d help if you also verified your residence with documents such as utility bills.

The most crucial document in the application process is the advice letter from your physician. You need an assessment from a licensed doctor to check if your condition is actual. If you have a previous medical report, your process would be more straightforward.

Adult patients have the option to select a caregiver. It says if you are bedridden or living with a disability, you can have a caregiver. They take care of all your medical attention and well-being. Patients living with disabilities Can get an accommodation representative from the state.

When your application goes through, you should pay the required amount to receive the MMJ card. In most cases, the physician will need an assessment fee separate from the application fee. 

All patients can get MMJ products from licensed dispensaries. You can get them yourself or send you a caregiver to collect them for you. 

Minor patients

A minor patient needs an advice letter from the Physicians. Both doctors should fill out a form to confirm that they agree the little patient needs MMJ treatment, and both letters should be at most 30 days apart.

A minor Patient must have a caregiver. In most cases, their parents take up the slot. If the parents are absent or unable to care for their needs, a legal guardian should charge. 

In 2021, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions for minors changed. Now they can access a temporary MMJ card, and the validity of a provisional license is 60 days. The permit costs $100 for regular patients and $20 for all who qualify for a discount. 

A minor patient’s license expires 30 days after their 18th birthday, and it would help if you played for an adult’s license to get continuous access to MMJ. The application can take 14 days to process, so you need to make your application as soon as you turn 18.

Temporary patients

Oklahoma offers reciprocity with other States. However, we do not accept this from these physicians in different states. It helps to keep the MMJ use standards within the Oklahoma requirements. 

Residents from other States should first prove they get access to MMJ through their States. The Oklahoma Physicians should go through the application process to get a temporary pass. Remember, the application fee ($100) is nonrefundable.

A temporary patient license lasts up to 30 days. However, that should not exceed your out-of-state card expiration. You may choose to renew the card or not. If you wish to continue with MMJ medication, we can submit a renewal request One week before the expiration date. You should do the application and payment process at OMMA. 


The main requirement of a caregiver should be a family member to the patient. If they aren’t family, they should be assistants staying with the patient most of the time.

A caregiver’s license can last up to two years; however, it cannot exceed the associated patient’s license expiration date. Sometimes the patient can withdraw a caregiver, making them lose their license.

 Just as a patient, the caregiver applies to OMMA. They need a valid email address to log in, and OMMA uses the address to send you an alert once they approve your application. 

You should use the doctor’s recommendation form given to a patient, and it helps to prove that you care for the said patient. If your patient is a minor, you should submit the caregiver’s designation form. The caregiver application is free of charge.


All businesses need to have A trade name. If you don’t have a trading name during registration, you should provide your business entity name. Upload a Word document to testify That you don’t have a trading name.

Applications and renewal processing takes 90 days. First, you should submit your renewal at least 60 days to your expiration date. New businesses should prove that they have a residency of at least two years. 

All marijuana businesses should be far from public and private schools. Also, they should get a certificate of compliance.


The board can approve podiatrists to cater to patients with foot problems. There are a few approved podiatrists who can guide patients on how to use medical marijuana

The recent updates allow a physician to approve a 60-day license for their patients. The patient should explain the reason they need a short-term permit. 

If a patient no longer meets the requirements, a physician can revoke their license. However, the physician should complete a patient’s termination form. 

All Physicians who wish to get an medical marijuana license should register with OMMA. They should include their contact information, medical practice, and professional email address. Your medical license number and NPI number


The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions help you navigate the buying process. The MMJ card will shield you from the law. 

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