Which Factors Are Considered For Alimony In Divorce?

Child support and alimony payments can be crucial aspects in most divorce cases. The court generally orders these support payments under certain circumstances. While each spouse can have an opinion about these payments, hiring a lawyer from Karp & Iancu, S.C. will be helpful.

A lawyer’s assistance in child custody and alimony payments can be severely helpful. These experts know well about the laws and regulations related to the latter. Besides, certain factors will be considered when you file for a divorce concerning alimony. It would be beneficial if you were aware of these factors as they can directly affect your divorce case. 

Factors considered for alimony payments in divorce: 

  • Income 

Income plays the most critical role in the decision of alimony payments after the divorce. Of all the factors considered in a divorce, revenue will be closely monitored by the judge of three attorneys. A spouse’s income will directly decide the alimony payments after the divorce. Each spouse must be honest about their income. Otherwise, legal fines and the chances of reopening the divorce case can be highly likely. 

  • Standard of living 

The couple’s standard of living before marriage will be considered when deciding on alimony payments. Standard of living can dictate how much higher or lower the alimony payments can be. It could also affect child support payments. 

  • Length of marriage 

The length of the marriage can play a vital role when deciding the duration of alimony payments after the divorce. While the length of the marriage can vary for each divorce case, you must know how exactly it can affect the alimony support by contacting a divorce lawyer in Karp & Iancu, S.C. 

  • Mental and physical health 

The mental and physical health of each spouse will be paid close attention to if one of the spouses is not fit. Suppose one of the spouses has been facing a medical condition and needs to make the alimony payments after the divorce. In that case, the court will determine if alimony payments should be initiated. Being stable and healthy allows a spouse to earn an income and generate alimony payments accordingly. 

  • Age of each spouse 

Spouses older than a certain age will be somewhat relieved on alimony payments. If the earning spouse is younger than the non-earning spouse, alimony payments can likely increase to take care of the older spouse and their health conditions, if any. 

  • Cause of the divorce 

The primary cause of the divorce is considered in each case’s alimony support. Marital misbehavior by spouses will induce larger alimony payments and compensation for the harm caused to the other spouse before, during, or after the divorce. 

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