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Explore the Magnificent City While Living in Student Accommodation Cork

When you stay in student accommodation Cork, you find an opportunity to explore the beautiful Cork city of Ireland. Cork is the second-largest city in Ireland with a lot of things to observe as well as to enjoy.

Cork is a city with a rich history and culture. This city was originally a monastic settlement that was reputedly founded by Saint Finbarr in the 6th century. The entire Cork region comprises a rich and diverse culture that offers a significant part of its past, present, and future. The city gives a place to explorers, thinkers, writers, poets, musicians, and artists.

You can explore a wide range of attractions when you are staying in a student accommodation Cork.

Things to Explore in Cork

Historical Attractions

There a lot of historical attractions in Cork that can be enjoyed by the history freaks. One of the best names in this regard is Barney Castle & Gardens. It has a mystical stone claiming supernatural power to endow the wishes of anyone who kisses it with the present of great eloquence. The current version of this castle was built in 1446 by MacCarthy of the Muskerry dynasty. However, some earlier fortifications were also built at the same place.

Another historical destination is Charles Fort, which is a fine example of a star-shaped military structure. It was built in the 1670s on the site of the medieval castle. The fort remained in use till 1922 and played a key role in some of the most significant battles in Irish history.

Rock of Cashel can also be considered as a place of historical research. The local mythology claims that it came into existence when Saint Patrick banished Satan from a nearby cave. Rock of Cashel is actually a limestone hill crowned by a group of medieval buildings.

Similarly, the individuals can enjoy several other places of historical interest during their years of study.

Art & Culture

Cork is a city with rich art & culture. In Cork, you can find theatres, libraries, music, museums, and a lot more that can be enjoyed by lovers of art and culture.

West Cork Arts Center, Triskel Arts Center, Cork’s Cultural Jewel, and there are many other destinations where one can get the glimpses of art and culture of the city.

Sports & Leisure

People of Cork are highly sport-centric, which is why there is a wonderful arrangement of sports and leisure in the city. GAA, rugby, soccer, athletics, hockey, boxing, cricket, rowing, road bowling, greyhound racing, and pigeon racing are a few names of the sports that can be enjoyed here.

One can have leisure with the games like kayaking. Kayaking offers a great way to explore Cork Harbour as well as the tranquil waters of Loch Hyne, Skibbereen.

Music & Nightlife

At various places in Cork, you can enjoy live music and have fun in your leisure time. Some of the destinations where you can enjoy live music are Cork Opera House, The Oliver Plunkett, Crane Lane Theatre, Live at St. Luke’s, and Coughlan’s Bar.

The nightlife of a city is also one of the great allures for dance & music lovers. On the other hand, nightlife has a lot more to offer to individuals. The Secret Garden, Havana Browns, and Voodoo Rooms are ideal destinations for nightlife lovers.

Places of Religious Interests

At Cork, you can find a wide range of places of religious interest. Some of them dated back to some point in history, that why they counted under the historical destinations. The architectures of various religious places are great examples of art and culture.

One of the best examples in this regard is St. Anne’s Church. It an old church that dates back to 1722 and it known for its famous Shandon Bells tower. Original 18th-century bells used in this church, which have become the must-see sights of the city.

One more place that taken as another instance is St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral. St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral that dates back to 1862.

You can find many other old and new churches and cathedrals in Cork, Ireland.


The topic incomplete if the shopping not mentioned. Shopping is one of the favorite activities for students, and Cork comprises some excellent shopping centers.

One of the best places for shopping here is The English Market. In 2011, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain made an official visit to the Republic of Ireland. She also visited this market, which gave it worldwide fame. The market is widely popular for food, tea, coffee, snacks, and more. North Main Street Shopping Center, Merchants Quay Shopping Center, Paul Street Shopping Center, and there are a lot more places for purchasing for the students.


There is no doubt that students can get a lifetime fun in Cork city in Ireland along with their studies.

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