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Top 5 Sunglasses Trends To Bookmark This Season

With the heat approaching from every end, it’s time to bring out those sunglasses. Today sunglasses have become more of a fashion statement or a trend that almost every celebrity follows. You often see paps taking pictures of celebrities donning Dior sunglasses or any other swanky brand adorning your feed. Sunglasses let you explore and express your personality with funky new trends coming in every new season. Spring and summers are all about choosing from the different sizes, colours, and shapes sunglasses offer, like retro butterfly sunglasses, cool aviators, sporty sunglasses, white sunglasses, etc. All of this can be too much to keep up with! So here are some ongoing trends for this season that can make this daunting task of choosing what to wear easier:

Rectangular Sunglasses: Be it chunky or slim variants, rectangular sunglasses are here to stay. They are usually in a black frame and may vary in the colour of the lens; for instance, yellow-coloured lenses are the new thing in town. This sunglass trend works well with a casual outfit, which has been accessorized with chains and rings giving it a street look full of edge.

Neon Frame Sunglasses: Speaking of coloured lenses, this trend also includes coloured frames that bring out the needed amount of pop for your outfit and personality. Neon colours such as blue, pink, orange, and yellow reflect the summer’s retro trend. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna can be seen sporting neon frame sunglasses and nailing them!

Shield Sunglasses: Often followed by celebrities like Cardi B and Kim Kardashian, shield sunglasses are the new talk of the town. They cover half of your face from the browline to the bridge of your nose, giving your outfit a more glamorous and chic look. This trend is not only specific to women, but many male celebrities like Jay Z and Kanye West have contributed to this. The sunglasses do not usually go for a matte finish but tend to have a more shiny finish or mirror lenses.

Cat Eye Sunglasses: The cat-eye trend keeps popping up and down but does not fade away. From the early 1930s till now, this trend has proven to be a funky choice for women. Why are they called cat eye? The tips of the frame are extended to represent the cat’s eyes, giving a strong, fierce look. People with oval or square faces often wear these sunglasses.

Metal Frame Sunglasses: The timeless classic metal frames are still an ongoing trend. Many people doubt if they could pull off something like a metal frame. Understanding that the confidence you wear helps you bring your outfit together is essential. Metal frames with coloured lenses and unique shapes like a pentagon, hexagon, etc., complete the look for this summer. Many brands like Dior sunglasses provide a wide range of options in metal frames for men and women.

Final Thoughts: Apart from the five trends listed above, many more options exist. But these mentioned trends often work with various outfits and are perfect for every occasion. These options always come in handy, be it a date night, a red carpet look, or even a simple brunch.

Picking the right shades can significantly accentuate your look and help you feel more confident. So which one are you opting for this season?

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