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DIY Bug Spray Recipes Safe for You – Pest control Tips

When it comes to protecting oneself from pests, people think about all their options. Most of us start with natural pesticides, later when we find them non-effective, move on to other alternatives. It is evident that people shy away from the use of synthetic chemicals and leave it as a last resort. If you are also looking for natural, and eco-friendly options to repel bugs from your home, they will have something for you.

Homemade experiments can sometimes be very useful in fighting pest problems while being easy on your skin. One should know the right way of preparing and using them so that, you get good results and is safe for the skin. Most of the time they are quite effective. In this piece, we bring to you some of the best, time-tested DIY recipes to prepare bug repellent in the comfort of your house.

Before we start talking about DIY methods to prepare bug repellents, lets’ look at some of the best natural ingredients that are easily available at home. Have a read!

Natural Ingredients Used for Repelling Bugs

Most of us are very skeptical about using insect repellents, and you have good reason to do so. Where many repellents available in the market have to pass standards for human safety and effectiveness, you need to check them out for yourself to see whether they pose any risky after effects later on. You can check several sites to find pesticides with minimum risk or kids and pets-friendly.

Pest Control Service in Delhi

Talking about natural pesticides or insect repellents, they may not be accepted by the government as an effective one. Just like you use grandma’s recipe for childcare without having any kind of certificate, the natural pest repellents are also the same. To repel bugs from your yard effectively here, are a few ingredients that you must add to the list. Check them out:

Garlic oil

Ticks are our worst enemy. We try our utmost to keep ourselves away from them as much as possible. Yards can be full of them and most of the time, kids while playing outside bring ticks home with them. In such a situation, you can use garlic oil, which is said to be one of the best natural ingredients to repel ticks. Dilute garlic oil to use in the yard to keep ticks away. You can also use it on the skin to remove them from your body. The pungent smell is not liked by the ticks and they move away.

Citrus Oil

Citrus oil has always been known for its refreshing smell, but did you know that it can repel bugs such as mosquitoes. Watch your mosquito repelling creams and lotions carefully, they will have citrus oil as their main ingredient. As little bugs can’t stand the stringent smell of the citrus oil, they don’t dare to come near you. Not just mosquitoes, but it is effective in keeping aphids, fleas, mites, fleas, and others.

You can either use a diffuser to dilute and use its aroma to remove show all the bugs out of your house. Or better to use a roll that contains citrus oil as their main ingredient. They may add it as citronella also.

Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

There have been many studies, showing that the oil of lemon eucalyptus is very effective in repelling a variety of bugs from the premise. Mostly they are known to be effective against mosquitoes. The main point to notice is that the lemon eucalyptus essential oil shouldn’t be confused with the oil of lemon eucalyptus as it is not at all effective in treating mosquito infestation.

Lavender Essential Oil

Isn’t it great to have a lavender essential oil diffuser wafting through the house? It has a very relaxing effect on our minds. It is not the same for mosquitoes and other bugs. They simply hate the aroma and leave the premises as soon as possible. The effect of lavender essential oil is similar to that of citrus oil.

DIY Bug Recipe for Your Yard

When you are looking for a bug spray for your yard it is natural to go for something safe for your skin as well. This is essential for those parents who are worried for their kid’s safety while they enjoy playing in the yard for a long time. So, you end up choosing essential oil that can be used safely on everyone, including kids effectively.

For a mosquito repellent that is natural and is very effective and to prepare that you will need:

  • Lavender essential oil or lemon eucalyptus oil
  • Witch hazel
  • Glass spray bottle

To prepare it you can follow the following steps:

Mix ten parts witch hazel and the essential oil one part in a glass spray bottle. Now shake gently and spray on the affected area.

DIY Bug Recipe for Your Plants

Most of us are staunch plant lovers. And like to fill our house with little plants to decorate it well. Do you want DIY recipes to keep bugs away from your plants? Then you can easily use essential oil such as eucalyptus and cinnamon oil but in the long run, they could damage the plants deeply.

The best thing will be to use thyme essential oil, diluted with distilled water. Use a glass spray bottle to keep the solution and spray it in the plants. This will not only keep bugs out of the way but also keep your plants safe from getting damaged early.


You can use these tricks and ideas to tackle pest infestation on a smaller level. But what can you do if your yard attracts a lot of mosquitoes and other pests from time to time? In such instances, it is best to hire pest control services to curb the infestation. They will use the best pesticides and equipment to effectively handle pest problems. The team of highly specialized technicians takes care of the process completely and you won’t have to worry about it at all. For more details, you can contact pest control services in Delhi NCR.

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If populations of pests are really high and beyond limit, you can abruptly go for the professional pest control service to make your surrounding hygienic and healthy. Get pest control done today.

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