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Can I Teach English Online Without Experience? Getting English Tutoring Jobs Online

Getting English Tutoring Jobs Online

Online teaching jobs are gaining a huge boost, and there is an increase in online tutoring platforms. You may be interested in teaching online, but the thought of getting a job without experience may be bothering you. But, there are a few criteria that you need to green check to continue your career. Online language tutoring platforms have become the new normal. There is a rise in students approaching online platforms to learn a new language. 

Your lack of teaching skills, experience, education can seem to be a barrier to your decision. The good news is online tutoring jobs allow you to be a part of the platform without having to be experienced. 

Another exciting part about online tutoring is you get to tutor students from around the globe. You aren’t restricted to teaching students in your country but from different countries. So, to kickstart your online career without any experience. 

Here is a guide that gives you a brief about online English tutoring jobs and what to expect. By the end of the article, you will be convinced to pursue a career in the field of English jobs online. 

Do you Need to Have Experience as an English Teacher? 

No, you don’t have to be experienced. But, there are a few criteria,  as a non-experienced person that can help you land a tutoring job easily. 

  1. A certification course TESOL/TEFL: 

You don’t have to have a specialisation as an English teacher. You don’t need any background as a teacher because online tutoring jobs don’t work that way. The best part about the english as a second language tutor, you only need one certification to kickstart your career in the field. 

A TEFL certificate will help you enter into the world of online education and English teaching. Be proactive and complete the course, as it doesn’t take much time. Plus, it increases the chances of being hired because students appreciate a relevant certificate. 

  • Highlight Your Experience Working with Students

If you ever had exposure to working with students, be it young or adults. You can highlight the same in your profile, showing relevant experience in the field. List out any volunteering job that you have handled in the past dealing with children, such as coaching, taking a seminar, or babysitting.

  • Showcase Your Computer Skills

Many language tutors online platforms require you to have decent computer knowledge. Not in-depth technical knowledge but good understanding of computer programs. Be it typing, surfing, using a program, creating a presentation, working on excel and so on. 

You need to check the requirements of the online platform before you apply.  If you have a good experience, you can display the list of things you can do. This will also increase your chance of getting a job and being listed on the platform. 

  • Connect with a Mentor

There are many Online language tutoring platforms that help you connect with a mentor directly. So, you get in touch with the mentor directly, to clear away your doubts and queries. These mentors can help you throughout the application process, they will ask you questions to see if you meet the requirement. 

In fact, they might take up certain computer-based tests to check your eligibility. Check with them the requirement before applying, it will certainly help you make the right decision. The mentor is certainly the person of contact, making sure you are well prepared for the interview, before moving further with your application.

  • Be enthusiastic: 

Most tutoring platforms are looking for tutors who are enthusiastic, and interested in working as a tutor.  You must sound interesting and engaging, you should be having convincing skills that can steal the attention of the mentor. 

Even if you feel you lack the skill and quality, convince the tutoring platform that you have the right quality in you. The way you interact in the interview will add a lot of impressions and chances of getting the job right away. Before you reach out to create a profile, your profile will be evaluated by evaluators.

  • Apply on Many Platforms: 

It is often true, you don’t get hired the first time. So, do not try your luck in a company. Be open to multiple opportunities. You can find out about many online language teaching platforms to kickstart your tutoring job. It is a matter of time, and a lot of applying that can help you land the right job board. 

But, before applying, make sure you read the policy and the requirements expected from a tutor. If they need certification, most of them, the best thing is to do a small certification course. It can be done online, so you don’t have to spend extra time learning something you aren’t interested in the first place. 

What Makes a Good Online English Tutor? 

As an English tutor, students expect a lot from you! They don’t want you to exceed your grades, to become a quality tutor. They look out for skills, some exceptional qualities that make you different from the rest. 

  • The first and foremost thing is a good knowledge of the language or subject.
  • A good tutor must have the strong abilities to handle students’ doubts, queries and concerns.  
  • Confidence is what makes you go in the race and get students to trust you.

Simply having a degree is not enough. You must possess good communication skills, confidence and a strong will to handle the students. 


It is important to understand that landing a decent tutoring job is challenging. You have to do a lot of research before approving a job. The job must be agile to meet your requirements, and suit your needs. Plus, it is not important to have a degree or qualification to start a personal english tutors job.

All you need is the ability to handle students, the willingness and interest to teach them. It can be a good extra income that can fit in your busy schedule because of the flexibility that it offers. 

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