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How Magento 2 Store Locator Helps to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Magento 2 store locator apps is a low-cost, passively marketing tool that improves your whole omnichannel strategy.

What is a store locator?

The store locator is a feature you can put on your company’s website that allows clients to discover the closest store and the quickest route there. If you sell your items both online and offline, store locator capability is not a choice, but a need! It’s an opportunity to boost local sales of business. Long-term client retention, while your buyers get free delivery of their orders.

What are the benefits of a store locator? 

Benefits for store locator give profits to each entity. For customers and administrators store locator plays a vital role in the store growth.

Perks for the admin

Simple to Manage

Admins will notice a difference after store locator is installed. The plugin will assist you in controlling your online store location to the best of its ability. Admins may use Magento 2 store locator to not only control customer finding tools, but also import and export databases from your stores using CSV files. It will be highly helpful to your management since it will make doing statistics much easier.

Easy to Customize

User-friendliness and comfort are our top priorities when it comes to making your administration as efficient and easy as possible. You may quickly adjust the extension according to your preferences thanks to simple instructions.

Overall, we’ve demonstrated that the Magento 2 store locator extension is advantageous to your online business. It is necessary and worthwhile to have in your store due to its ease and serviceability!

Perks for the clients

The Magento 2 store locator makes use of the Google API, which is a useful tool for finding geographical locations. This encouraging customers to visit the establishments that are closest to them. Customers may quickly search for a store location that best meets their needs after Magento 2 store locator is placed on your site. All of the results that completely match the information customers wish to filter, such as nation, zip code, or radius, will be shown by the system.

Use the “Use My Location” feature.

Customers who want to look for a store using their present location may hit the “Use My Location” button, and the system will discover “n” nearby stores.

Particular Radius Research

At any location, users can search any facility like a nearby hotel, petrol pump, or any other business. If your business is registered or using a store locator then it will fetch customers for you.

Searching for Information

The result displays not only the coordinates of a business on a map, but also store summary information and a website link, allowing clients to visit that online store right away. This makes purchasing more convenient for them!

How store locator can help online stores?

  1. Hike in Visitor

By including a store locator on your website, your customers will be required to find your website before learning about associated stores. As a consequence, it will significantly enhance the number of visitors to your main website.

  1. It saves both the business owner and the client time and money.

A good shop locator will give your customers all the information they need about your store. As a result, it expedites the research process for customers and eliminates possible inconveniences. In other terms, the owner of the shop will receive fewer calls from consumers seeking precise information about your items, giving him or her more time to focus on other vital topics.

  1. Improves overall branding and trust

If you show your visitors that you also have several physical locations, they’ll know you’re the genuine deal, a legitimate company run by actual people.

  1. Collect useful data for marketing purposes

When consumers use your supplier locator, the system keeps track of their activities, which you may utilize to determine store locator trends. If relevant, you may gather information such as promo codes and zip codes, as well as track where individuals are seeking from, company demographics, how often they research, and much more. These statistics may be utilized to determine the ideal time and location for your campaigns to go live, as well as to enhance your overall customer service.

  1. Safeguard the vital distribution network

In every eCommerce website, the distribution system is critical. Many customers are concerned that their confidential shopping lists may be revealed. The majority of the listings are stored on a secure server, and the dealer finder only outputs small portions at a time.

  1. Contribute to SEO

Local content, which is incorporated inside the retailer’s local platform, will significantly boost your business’s local search rankings.

How to add a store locator to Magento Website?

Use location detecting systems that are automated.

Users may utilize geolocation to discover the closest location quickly. Most people search on their phones these days, and forcing clients to physically key in your store’s postcode might be disheartening.

Showcase exclusive offers to increase foot traffic.

Offers and calls-to-action are another approach to get consumers into your store (CTAs). You may also use your shop locator in conjunction with specific local sites. It encourage more people to migrate from online to offline, or you can organize social media competitions for your users that require them to attend a store.

Make it adaptable.

After you’ve installed your shop finder, make sure it adapts to the dimensions of a range of devices.

For SEO purposes, including keywords

Keywords appropriate to the place (state, area, etc.) and the items and services supplied there will assist to secure higher search engine ranks.

Localized content

Adding local content tailored to each location will aid in improving SEO and ranking.

How to optimize store locator extension in your e-commerce website?

You may utilize basic CMS capability to develop a simple location listing solution. However, if you really want to add complete dealer locator capabilities, you’ll need to install and modify an add-on of your choice.

The bottom line

Store locator apps are a low-cost, passively marketing tool that improves your whole omnichannel strategy. It may be found on the majority of well-known eCommerce websites.

A multiple shop locator may provide a number of advantages to a company. Overall, the benefits of having a multiple shop finder tool are apparent. We hope that after reading this post, you, as a business owner or operator, would consider incorporating such a comprehensive feature into your system. Not only will this increase your business performance right away, but it will also benefit you in the long run.

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