Does the Location of Your SEO Consultant Matter?

You’re finally ready to hire a company for your SEO campaign, but you have a few questions. Where do they work from? What is their location? Do the geographic coordinates of the company itself matter? In this article, we’ll tackle these topics with an unbiased look at what you need to consider when hiring a professional service provider for your online marketing needs.

Here’s the bottom line: When you’re hiring a professional SEO company, it doesn’t matter where they are located. So, you can freely hire an SEO company in Bangalore and be located in the UK yourself. In fact, don’t even ask this question to your specific service provider. Even if you’re from a major metropolitan area like Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco, there is no benefit to be had from hiring a local SEO company for your business. We’ll break this down into a few basic points, but first, here are some reasons why the location of your SEO consultant is so irrelevant.

You Don’t Need to Be in the Office to Work with Them

It’s become increasingly common for people to work remotely out of their own office or their own home. It’s not at all unusual for you to be able to reach your SEO consultant via Skype or FaceTime, even if they’re 3 time zones away. Imagine you’re hiring a company in Hong Kong for your SEO campaign—you can just as easily work with them by video conference. You can even conduct meetings through these video tools when they’re in the same country as you.

They Work Closely with Your Own Team

When you’re looking to hire an SEO company in any location around the world, it’s important to remember that you hire them based on their skills and abilities, and not necessarily their physical location. The key here is that your team and theirs work closely together. Your team works with them on a day-to-day basis while your SEO company is assisting you with your campaign. The location of your consultant means absolutely nothing if their location doesn’t have any bearing on how they work with you and your team.

They’re Just as Effective Working Remotely

One common concern that businesses have when they’re looking to hire an SEO company is that hiring someone who isn’t located nearby means that there will be less of a personal connection between the two companies. One of the biggest benefits to hiring an SEO company in Bangalore is being able to work with them closely. The bottom line is, though, no matter how close you are with your consultants, their effectiveness remains the same whether they’re in the same city as you or live halfway across the world. If the location of your SEO consultant is such an irrelevant factor when it comes to hiring them, what should you be paying attention to? Here are a few things to look for in an ultimate SEO company:


The most important thing when hiring an SEO company is their experience. You want to work with people who understand search engines and how they work. You want people who aren’t afraid of the latest and greatest updates that Google and other search engines introduce (and introduce often). The bottom line is that you need to work with people who have been in the field a long time and know how to use modern SEO techniques. This makes them more qualified for the job than the average person, and their experience will help them ensure your campaign’s success.


The biggest debate between potential clients is legitimacy. At the end of the day, this is a company with a strong track record of successfully completing campaigns for others. These are people who know what they’re doing, and you’re getting the expertise of professionals in their niche. The team will know what questions to ask, how to determine the best course of action and which keywords aren’t worth targeting.

There are plenty of companies out there with all sorts of jargon, but it’s important to remember that nobody is better than the competition. There’s no reason for you to hire an SEO company in Bangalore when there are so many other options out there. If you’re looking for a successful campaign, hire an SEO company with experience, a good reputation and one that gets results. The best way to find such a company is to read online reviews of different SEO companies and choose the one that works best for your business.

Why Hire A Professional SEO Company?

SEO is a highly technical, often complicated industry. As you look for a professional company to assist with your SEO needs, it’s important to remember that you’re investing in people who are extremely adept at what they do.

As you hire an SEO company to help you succeed online, they’ll take the time to understand your business and how it operates before they begin working with you. Your team will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with them on everything from strategy to design.

1. They Know their Stuff

In today’s digital age, you need to work with someone who’s not only an expert in search engine optimization, but also one who understands how their own business is going to benefit from having a professional SEO company in Bhopal working for them.

The best candidates know their industry, they’ve researched it and they’re able to explain the ins and outs of the process to you in a way that’s easy to understand. When you’re talking to potential candidates, make sure they can speak to you in layman’s terms about the benefits of hiring them.

2. They’ll Make You Look Good

A major part of your SEO campaign is having a team that understands the industry, the digital space and how their own role relates to your company’s bottom line. They’ll work with you on strategy, design, implementation and reporting so that you have everything you need to succeed online.

3. They’ll Ensure You Stay Competitive

As your business grows, it’s important to stay ahead of the game when it comes to SEO. It’s not enough to hire someone who understands SEO and knows how to get you results. You need someone who can identify areas where you can improve your online presence, bring in new clients and increase your customer base. Your SEO consultant will understand what your new goals are and how they’ll have a direct impact on your bottom line.

4. They’ll Inspire You to Grow

The most important thing you can expect from the work of a professional SEO company in Bangalore is that they’re going to inspire you to continue growing and reaching new levels of success online.

Their recommendations will be based on their experience and their understanding of what works for clients in your industry. They may have the ability to help you raise your brand awareness and improve your conversion rates, but their real value lies in their ability to inspire you to keep growing as a business.

5. They’ll Help You Save Money

You want to work with an SEO company that understands how important it is for your campaign to have a positive ROI. When you’re working with a professional SEO company, they’re going to be able to lower your costs by offering affordable services that won’t break the bank.


So, by now you know that whether you hire an SEO company in Bhopal or the UK, in Bangalore or in California, you can get the job done without a hair bent. What matters is that the company you are dealing with is a trustworthy and reliable company. Leciel Technologies can help you with your SEO goals, all you have to do is get in touch with us at

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