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Ayurvedic drugs used to lower excessive amounts of creatinine

As a waste product of the kidneys in Ayurvedic medicine, creatinine is considered. In order for the body to function properly, creatinine must be removed. The most important part of the urination process is the production of urine. A byproduct of muscle metabolism is this chemical. The creatinine level in a person’s blood may be used to predict their overall health.

All of the results were consistent for creatinine concentrations between 0.06 and 1.2 mg/dL. There is a wide range in the blood sugar levels of youngsters, regardless of their age, according to studies. Women produce far less waste than men do due to their lower levels of muscle mass. Creatinine levels may increase as a result of diabetes, obesity, and excessive blood glucose. An ayurvedic approach to creatinine treatment may be beneficial.

 Creatinine levels seen in people with NSC:

The quantity of creatinine in the blood increases in direct proportion to the deterioration in renal function. Allopathic clinical doctors often offer dialysis to patients with renal disease in order to avoid this predicament.

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We don’t know why the body produces so much creatinine.

When it comes to kidney disease, elevated levels of creatinine have been linked to the condition.

Consequently, it is vital that the spread of illness be limited. Those with elevated levels of creatinine may benefit from ayurvedic treatment.

Several Ayurvedic medications may interact with creatinine, among them:

Patients with low blood creatinine levels may benefit from Ayurvedic drugs and practises. A wide range of medical ailments may benefit from the usage of medicinal marijuana, as has been shown in several studies. Ayurveda may be beneficial in the following situations.

Chamomile-infused tea:

If it is irritated by your behaviour, it may feel compelled to leave you as quickly as possible. The kidneys use an excretion-enhancing chemical to remove creatinine from waste products.

This product has green tea with cinnamon in it.

An increase in renal output is possible when renal filtration and recovery improve. You may have a cup of green tea early in the morning or late at night. As a consequence, damaged kidney cells may be able to heal themselves more rapidly.

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Known colloquially as “Siberian Ginseng,” this plant’s medicinal constituents have a broad variety of therapeutic qualities.

One of the most well-known and often used natural diuretics is dandelion root. Serum creatinine levels fall as toxins are eliminated from the body. Clinical experiments have shown the anti-creatinine properties of this root. Do not use Ayurvedic medicines unless they are prescribed by your doctor.

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Cinnamon Cassia

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Erectile dysfunction patients may benefit from them.

Erectile tissue cinnamon oil investigations were also carried out in the same way as those of Cinnamomum cassia (cinnamon).

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Ayurveda maintains that Punarnava is the herb in concern, despite clinical studies showing that Punarnava is good for patients with renal disease. As a medicinal side effect, a kidney tonic may provide extra health benefits.


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Medication may be necessary if a person’s eating or other habits change.

Cutting down on salt and protein is a good place to begin when attempting to lose weight.

Avoid anything made from milk, pumpkin, or squash.

It is necessary to keep an eye on the flow of dairy products.

Anyone should make avoiding physically demanding occupations a primary goal.

Pay attention to how your body responds to a low-protein diet over the course of several weeks.

To be on the safe side, steer clear of creatine-heavy pills.

Inquire with Ayurvedic kidney experts and dietitians for further details. It’s possible that one of these professionals may assist you in reaching your fitness goals.

Ask an Ayurvedic doctor for help. To combat creatine depletion, I propose Charya’s therapy from the Karma Ayurvedic Charya Ayurvedic line. Since then, eight long years have passed since that dreadful day.


Renal function deteriorates in tandem with a rise in serum creatinine. To avoid this tragic outcome, renal dialysis is often suggested by allopathic medical practitioners.

Fish in streams that have been confirmed safe and free of toxins to increase your intake of fresh fish. Prepared, frozen, or both prepared and frozen fish may be added to your diet as a source of additional protein.

Diet is important, but it should not be the defining characteristic of your being. It’s not always necessary to eat properly in order to be seen as a health-conscious individual. Become addicted to it and you’ll end yourself back where you started.

Maintaining a healthy diet has several benefits. You’ve learned a new skill, and we hope you’ll put it to use right away! Take a look at how your outlook on life changes when you eat well-balanced meals every day! Thank you everybody for your kind words and best wishes.


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