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Features of high and low pressure compressors

Many technological processes are base on the use of compress air. The simplest of these is to inflate car tires. To perform this operation, use special equipment. However, this is not the only example of the use of special machines by means of which compress air is obtain. One of them is a high pressure compressor. It is use in many spheres of human life, including medicine, industry, agriculture.

What are compressors for?

There are two types of these machines: high and low pressure. The former are design to pump compress air into special cylinders. The latter are call blowers. They are a cross between fans and high pressure compressors.

Compressor equipmentBoth those and others relate to industrial equipment and are use to carry out the following work:

  • Construction;
  • Repair;
  • Mine;
  • When extracting oil, gas;
  • When laying fiber-optic lines.

Types and their distinctive features

Equipment that produces compress air is classified according to various criteria, from the principle of operation to the method of heat removal. Depending on the final working pressure, they are divide into:

  1. Vacuum;
  2. Air (high, low, medium).

In this case, air compression in vacuum models occurs at a pressure above or below atmospheric.

Domestic and industrial compressorsDevices are subdivide into industrial and household. Use in enterprises can be of general or special purpose. Speaking of high pressure compressors in Pakistan, it is worth noting that they provide objects with compress air and can be use as part of oil production plants.

Base on the design features, the equipment is divide into:

  • Screw;
  • Belt or direct drive;
  • Oil-free.

The former are most often use in factories where compress air is required in volumes from 0.5 to 26 m³ / min at 15 bar. Their main difference is the absence of reciprocating parts, which made it possible to achieve a low noise level. These high pressure compressors are considered to be among the best suited for long continuous operation.

Oil-free compressors are low pressure devices. Their main difference is high reliability, long service life. The device of such devices includes a filter contamination control sensor, an automate control system.

But since low-pressure compressors do without internal compression, they are characterize by low performance, while creating an excess head. Therefore, they are call blowers. Equipment of this type is consider one of the most demand. The scope of its use extends to:

  • Transportation of bulk materials: from cement to flour;
  • Aeration of water.

They are also use as vacuum cleaners and vacuum lifting devices. Another advantage of low pressure compressors is their low price.

The device and principle of operation of machines

High pressure apparatus

High pressure unit design

There are some differences in the operation of high, medium and low pressure compressors. The most powerful machines use multi-stage compression, which is not the case in less powerful units.

It consists in multiple duplication of the process, which leads to an increase in the air pressure to the required level, which is control by a pressure switch for the compressor, which can be purchased separately. In this case, the substance first enters the first chamber, where it is compress, then it is compress into the second, and so on.

In order to reduce energy costs, the medium can be supply to the machine already under pressure. The equipment consists of several units, one of which is rotating bearings or sliding bearings, as well as a pressure switch. They are under constant load and supply with oil by a gear pump.

Component of High pressure

Low-pressure unit fishing diagramComponents of a high-pressure compressor that are involve in compressing air require constant lubrication to avoid rubbing against metals. But its excess can lead to breakdowns, therefore, the application of an oily film is carry out by injection.

The equipment must include a cooling system, the action of which is aim at preventing overheating. The design features of some low pressure compressors are very susceptible to dirt and dust, filters are use to avoid getting them inside. Air is pass through them, which is subsequently compress.

High and low pressure unit models

Having decide on the type of equipment, they process to the choice of a specific device. Here, first of all, they pay attention to the brand of the product, trying to choose inexpensive and at the same time the most popular units.

VF series unitsAmong the units with low pressure or blowers, these include the products of the companies:

  • VF;
  • ZAF.

They are produce by domestic manufacturers and are consider relatively inexpensive. I use low-pressure VF compressors for compressing gases clean of mechanical impurities and not containing dropping liquid. They are a machine with two positive displacement turbines. In addition to it, the device includes an electric motor. The units are interconnect by means of a housing with a drive, through a rigid coupling.

Although the units of this model are manufacture in a horizontal position, they can also be installed vertically, so these high pressure compressors can be purchase for mounting on any surface. The scope of the equipment is wide enough.

It is use to carry out the following processes:

Equipment brand ZAFAeration of reservoirs;

  • Washing filters in water parks;
  • In filter lines in factories and printing houses;
  • In ventilation systems;
  • Transportation of free-flowing compositions;
  • Crop processing;
  • Fighting fires.

If we compare the VF low-pressure compressor with other models, then it is easy to maintain and operate and does not require special attention.

Another rather popular model of blowers is produce by TechMash LLC under the Industrad  brand. They are design to transport air without moisture and impurities. A frame and a silencer are include in the package of the device, which allows them to be use as stationary devices. The main difference between Industrad group  low-pressure compressors is their ultra-high efficiency and ease of use.

Watt WT-2024A

Model Watt WT-2024A

They are used to transport grain and its mill products, in systems where high air flow is require at low pressure. Compressors can be operate at temperatures from minus 10 to plus 35 ° C.

The most popular high pressure equipment is the Watt WT-2024A model. This compressor is designed for applications where portability and high pressure are require. Most often they are use in the production of painting and emergency restoration work. They can be equip with an air regulator for compressors.

Distinctive features of such devices are low cost, good maintainability. With proper maintenance, they can serve for a

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