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5 Ways To Up Your 2021 Christmas Gifting Game

Photo by Matthias Copper from Pexels

It’s a known fact that British people prepare for 2 months for Christmas. After all, Christmas is one of the biggest and longest holidays of the year. 2020 was a rough time for everyone. Thankfully, 2021 seems to see the light of day compared to how the situation was last year.

If you weren’t able to do your Christmas traditions last year, that’s okay. Almost the entire world needed to take their time and slow down last 2020. Now that 2021 is coming to an end, things are starting to recover and get better. It is also ideal to celebrate the holiday with your loved ones now that the situation is slowly improving.

Christmas is one of the exciting holidays that a lot of people look forward to. But, it can be hard and time-consuming to think of presents to give your loved ones. A lot of Christmases have already been celebrated, and it can be easy to think that we’ve already gifted all types of gifts that we could have in the past. 

If you’ve been thinking this way, don’t worry. You’re not the only one who has this dilemma. To help you, here are 5 ways you can up your 2021 Christmas gifting game. 


1. Personalise and spice up your gift wrapping game

gift wrapper

Photo by Cotton Bro from Pexels

The economy is not the only thing that is still slowly trying to bounce back up. Almost everyone is, and so are you. It doesn’t matter if you won’t be able to gift expensive or luxurious presents to your loved ones this year. Just like what they always say, it’s the thought that matters. 

If you feel like your present lacks something, here’s an idea. Maybe you just have to spice up your gift presentation. One of the fun and creative ways to do so is by having a personalised gift wrap. One that has pictures of you and the recipient printed on it. 

You can have this serviced at a professional photo printing shop where you can bring in an edit of your photo with the gift wrap design of your choice. Some photo printing shops might even just request a photo and they’ll take care of the wrap design.

If you decide to spice up your gift presentation, this will surely change your recipient’s gift unboxing experience. Not only will it be personal, but also a memorable one.


2. Christmas cards never go out of style 

christmas card

Photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels

The U.K. is the country in the world that originated and popularised the Christmas card tradition. Even though a lot of options are now available digitally, a lot of people value the card tradition. It can be another great way to set up your gifting game to be unique this coming holiday season.

If you have a tight budget or simply want to go personal this year, Christmas cards are the way to go. One thing you can do is personalise your cards as well. Why don’t you create a card theme via an online application where you can edit and make your design? Then, you can input a personal quote that reminds you of the recipient.

You can bring your design to a photo printing shop for printing. Various professional photo printing services offer card printing and designs. Some only need you to bring a photo and tell them the peg and theme that you want and have them print those on a card. 

You are free to do things the way you want to. Maybe you prefer to do it more personal and add handwritten letters. Regardless of your concept in mind, try your best to squeeze in some personalisation to make it extra special. 


3. Another addition to a picture frame collection won’t hurt

picture frame

Photo by Barbara Wyrowińska from Pexels

Picture frames are not only simple but are also aesthetically pleasing. Nowadays, a lot of minimal yet elegant photo frames options are available for you to choose from. Of course, it would be bland to just gift a mere photo frame only. To make sure that it saves a spot on your recipient’s house or office desk, include a photo of you and your recipient with it.

One rule is to not just purchase any frame that you see online. It would be nice to choose one with a design and concept that resembles the recipient’s taste and personality. If, for example, you’re planning to gift one to your boss who likes minimal designs, you can check out the frame services that photo printing shops offer. 

Usually, they service acrylic, matter, aluminium, luxury, box, and canvas frames. Not only will you get frames that are of quality, but also a refined photo quality too. If you know someone who loves photo frames or a friend who needs one for their new space, this could be a great gift idea. 


4. Personalised calendar for the upcoming year


Photo from DSCL

We all have to bid goodbye to the year 2021. One great thing to do is to welcome the new year with a calendar. You know by now that we value personalisation here, and of course, that’s our 2021 gift goal. 

If you know a film processing or photo printing shop that offers calendar services, that’s great! Have the name of your recipient printed on each month. Add some quirky and creative phrases to motivate them for the month. A simple “Bianca’s Fresh January Start” will do. Or if you have an inside joke with the recipient, it would be nice to add that too. 

If you feel like adding photos goes a little overboard, personalise the design and text of the calendar instead.


5. Christmas socks for new families and their new traditions

christmas socks

Photo from Flickr

Most of us surely know someone who just got married, started a family and had a baby recently. If you have someone like that on your gift list, one great gift idea would be a family Christmas sock set. 

You can have big Christmas socks personalised with their names. To make it more special, add a little note on a card that is similar to “Christmas socks for the new traditions you’ll make.” You can also add their birthdays to their socks too. Or maybe the number arrangement of your friend’s children, to make it fun. 

If you want, you can have their faces printed on the Christmas socks if you think they’ll find those cute. If you don’t know where to have those socks personalised, you can always inquire about a professional photo printing shop for their services. Maybe you can also see a lot of pegs for Christmas socks designs in photo printing shops if ever you drop a visit.


In the end, it’s the thought and effort that truly counts and matters

We don’t always have to give expensive and luxurious presents during Christmas. The important thing is that you put in a lot of thought and effort into what you’ll be giving someone during this special holiday. 

Remember, a personalised gift that represents the receiver is better than any expensive gift that they don’t even like and won’t probably use. Happy gift hunting and I hope your presents will be appreciated this coming Christmas! 


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