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Why do you need a sunscreen during winters?

If you don't wear sunscreen all day, every single day and every day,

If you don’t wear sunscreen all day, every single day and every day, then who is you? It’s essential to apply sunscreen regardless of where it is that you’re at, no matter if inside, in the pool, on your computer, waiting for an airplane, at the gym, or out on brunch with a friend. It’s not exclusively a female thing since skin is not a gender. The harmful sun’s rays impact women and men equally.

Make SPF your best friend! What’s the point?

1. Guards your skin from damaging sunlight rays

Around 80% of sun’s rays are able to penetrate the earth in a day that is cloudy. SPF is a sunscreen that SPF will block these radiations from damaging the skin.

2. Evens out skin tone

Sunscreen can prevent dark spots and discoloration from sun damage. It helps keep your skin healthier and smoother skin.

3. Reduces the need for tanning

Although sunscreens can’t stop the sun’s rays from increasing by 100% however, they do allow people to remain in the sun longer , without causing harm to the skin.

4. Reduces the chance of developing skin cancer.

Sun damage can cause three kinds of skin cancer. Wearing an SPF every day, whether outside or inside can help reduce the risk of getting it.

5. Helps prevent premature aging

Sun damage due to UV Rays causes photoaging to the skin. By wearing sunscreen every day, you can make your skin appear younger. To cut a long tale short: Sunscreen is an integral part of your routine to guard against the damaging effects of UV rays . These could include sunburn dark spots,

wrinkles, and even wrinkles, and can cause cancer.

Apply SPF before you start your day, if you don’t applied it. Be sure to cleanse your face prior to applying it!

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