14 Best Things to Scrap For Money in 2021

Curious about what things could be the best to scrap for money in 2021?

Well, there could be more reasons you want to scrap other than the money factor, such as clearing the clutter from your backyard, aiding into greener earth, and so on.

Whatsoever the reason is, you can certainly scrap a lot of useless things from your home and make money out of them, and that too at the ease of your home.

Why throw away things and contribute more to an already polluted earth when your old stuff could be recycled and repurposed – saving the planet earth from more landfills?

Multiple services buy scrap against instant money – helping you contribute to greener earth while making money out of unlikely things alongside. You sure love the combination, huh?

Want to know the best things to scrap for money this year and be a part of clean and green plant campaigns?

We’ve put together a list of best things to scrap for money in this blog post while mentioning where you could sell those scraps alongside.

Dive into to burst your curiosity!  

Metal is the most lucrative item you could scrap. It can be easily recycled and repurposed, and so multiple services buy metal scrap against big money.

All you got to do is gather all the unusable metal at home, search for the scrapyards near me, and boom – you can either drop the metal scrap yourself, or they’d collect from your doorstep.

What are the possible forms of metal you could scrap for money, and where could you find them?

Heavy Steel:

Steel that comes with a thickness exceeding 6 ml is generally termed heavy steel. The common examples of heavy steel which you can scrap for money include –

  • RHS
  • Beam off-cuts
  • Turn rims
  • Car rims and,
  • Heavy gauge metallic

These are some genetic parts that come off from your vehicles on and off as an outcome of a car accident, car damage or replacement, etc.

Go any of these in your backyard, creating the mess and taking up a lot of space? Do not contribute to the environmental pollution by disposing of them in the landfills, instead of scrapping them for money and contribute to a greener planet earth.

Cast Iron:

Cast iron is commonly used in multiple household items such as the pots and pans you use in the kitchen.

Apart from that, cast iron could also be found in old bathtubs, furniture, engine blocks, valves and pipes, and even BBQ plates.

In case you have any of these items stored in your backyard in unusable conditions and you’re planning to throw them away, think twice before you do that.

Throwing them away would only end up creating more landfills and contributing the environmental pollution. Instead, if you sell them to a scrapyard, you can prevent pollution and make money simultaneously. So, it’s a win-win situation for you!


All the shiny, bright, burnt, and bare-looking metal at your home is called copper.

It could be easily recycled and repurposed, and so, there’s a lot of scrapyards you can find that buy copper against good money.

The possible household item that has copper may include wiring of phones and electrical cords or the plumbing copper tubes that has solder joints.

Got them stacked rusting in your backyard? Well, the best you could do with these useless wires and tubes is to sell them at a scrapyard near me that buys metal. It would earn you some money and prevent you from contributing to the increasing landfills on planet earth.

Light Steel:

The Light steel could also be sold for money. The most probable items at your home that may contain lightweight steel includes the following –

  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves
  • Air conditioning units; and
  • Ovens or any light-weight metallic product

If you’ve any of these items at home in an unlikely condition, you can always get rid of that clutter by scraping them for money. Search for the best scrapyards near me and avail their services to eliminate all the clutter in your backyard or storeroom.

Insulated Cable:

Insulated cable wires at your home could contain a lot of copper. If you’ve worn and unusable such cables at home, it’s certainly a good idea to scrap them for money.

Electric Motors:

The motors from multiple household machines and appliances could also be scraped for money. They’re likely to bring handsome money. They have massive materials that could be recycled and repurposed, such as wires, steel, iron, copper, etc.


Nickel is another great form of metal you can scrap for money. It can be found in multiple household items such as piping in your kitchen, kitchen utensils or sinks, etc. Have some of these rusting inside the cabinets of your kitchen? Well, you can easily clear the clutter by selling them against instant cash and prevent Mother Nature from deteriorating at the same time.


This is a precious metal mostly found in the wheel weights, roof nails, or the roofing at your home. If you’re making renovations at home and such things come out as garbage, don’t throw them away. You can easily gather them and sell them to a nearby scrapyard for money.


The Brass can also be sold to the scrapyards for money, and the most probable household items which might have brass includes

  • Brass turnings
  • Gunmetal, and
  • Car radiators


There’s an immense possibility that a lot of aluminum lies in your backyard. It can be present in the form of soda cans and related items. The ideal way to get rid of these is by selling them to a scrapyard for money.

Disposing of soda cans or related items can only result in the formation of excessive landfills while turning them into a scrapyard can save the environment and let you earn fast cash at the same time.

Apart from metal, there are certainly more things you can scrap for money this season. They include the following –

Bottles & Cans:

Selling bottles and cans is the easiest way to scrap for money. You’re likely to gather a lot of them at home.

As the majority population consumes soft drinks, mineral water, sparkling water, and whatnot coming in these bottles and cans.

You can easily find buyers for the bottles and cans because they’re easy to recycle and repurpose. You can also get handsome money against them and contribute to a greener earth.


Electronic items that have worn out and are unusable could be easily scraped for money. They have multiple components worthy of recycling and repurposing.

So a lot of buyers would happily buy your non-working television, fridge, microwave, air conditioner, and so on.

Car Batteries:

Old and worn car batteries still have a lot to offer, such as wiring, body, etc. Thus, you can easily scrap them for money and get rid of the clutter.

Junk Cars:

A non-functioning car that has been standing still for years in your garage could also be scraped for money. You don’t have to keep the clutter inside the home anymore, with various junkyards available in your surroundings. These junkyards offer handsome and instant cash against your totaled or junk cars, and most of them provide free towing facilities at the same time.

So you simply get rid of your junk car while sitting at home and earn cash against them.

Now that you know what items you can best scrap for money, search for the best scrapyards near me, and boom – you’re just a few steps away from clearing the clutter, earning some extra cash, and preventing the formation of excessive landfills – all together at a time.

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