Sending gifts to Delhi has never been easier!

In our busy lives, it is troublesome to take out time from our daily lives to go shopping. But Indians have many festivals in a year, and thus there are many occasions for gift-giving too. Most people, especially, the ones who are working all day will find it impossible to roam about shopping malls trying to find out the perfect gift for their loved ones. But the ritual of gift-giving cannot be taken lightly either, the choice of a gift says a lot about how much thought and consideration is present behind the said gift.

Thankfully, online shopping sites have come to the rescue. Sites like OyeGifts, make it a thousand times easier to choose a gift for any occasion, and their express delivery service makes sure that the gift reaches its destination as fast as possible. One of the best advantages about online gift shopping is that customers can spend a lot of time browsing the store for that one special gift from the comfort of their home. The customers can not only save their time, but they also save a lot of money as gift websites offer numerous discounts on their gifts. Furthermore, these sites keep on updating their collections so people do not have to look at many offline stores for getting all the latest trending gifts, they can see the whole collection with just a few clicks.

Safe and secure delivery of OyeGifts

This site is a trustworthy name, that has been in the business of gifts for a long time. They are responsible enough to deliver the gifts in a safe and secure manner to every possible location. Indeed, this online gifting site can deliver any gift to any location within India. Among the popular delivery destinations are metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Delhi Noida, Mumbai etc. If the client chooses express delivery, the staff can make sure that the gift reaches its destination within three hours! So, no more worries about sending gifts to Delhi, because these sites can take care of it all.

Plentiful choices of gifts

Online gift stores have the advantage of having a diverse range of products. Indeed, you can get an impressive range of gifts that wouldn’t have been available at your local gift shops. Any respectable online gift store will have many gifts suited for different occasions. For example, online gift shops have gifts segregated according to birthdays, anniversaries, or even according to popular Indian festivals such as Rakhi, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.

Some good gift shops will also have gifts segregated according to the kind of receiver, like your husband, your brother or your sister. Having all these filtering options makes it easy for customers to complete their shopping at a quicker pace. Here are some common gifts that are always available at any online gift store.


Online gift stores will have a good collection of delicious cakes. If you choose popular stores, you can get many varieties of cakes like chocolate, mango, pineapple or black forest flavoured cakes. Gift stores also give the customers options for personalization, so many people often choose to customize their cakes according to the recipient.

There are even options for cakes meant for kids such as Princess themed cakes or Mickey Mouse cakes. Every child loves cakes of some flavour and gifting them a cake with their favourite cartoon on top of it will make their moment more special.


Stylish wrist watches look amazing and they make a great gift. At many online gifting stores, you can get designer watches at cheap prices. These watches are long-lasting and they also look great. There is nothing like a watch, to remind the person who gifted it to them. Unpacking a luxurious wristwatch can make the recipient feel special and grateful to have you in their lives.


Most Indians love getting sweets as gifts and sweets have always been a part of our festivals. So getting a pack of sweets for Rakhi, Diwali or any other festival will be a welcome gift. Sweets like gulab jamun, rasgullas or laddoos are an all-time favourite and they can never go wrong. There are beautifully constructed hampers in online gift stores for gifting sweets and they will definitely catch your eye.

Personalised gifts

Nowadays there are many ways to make the gift more personal to the recipient. Gift stores are always proving options to personalize gifts like cakes, photo frames or lamps. Doing so makes the gift more special in the eyes of the receiver. You can opt to send the online store a photo of your choice or a quote that has a special meaning and incorporate that in your gift.

Apart from all these options, there are many more to choose from. Customers can opt for jewellery, flowers or even nice indoor plants as their gift. It doesn’t matter if they need their gift delivered in one day either, stores like OyeGifts can arrange that for their clients.

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