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The Keys to Creating a Successful iOS App Interface

The tremendous degree of competitiveness in the iPhone app creation continues to be mind-boggling. The competition grows by leaps and bounds in two primary areas: User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. Looking for Hire iOS Developers for your business needs.

According to Mobile Apps Usage Statistics 2018, almost one-fifth of millennials (those born between 1983 and 2000 = 21 percent ) say they open an app more than 50 times a day, compared to only 2 percent of baby boomers. Look at these incredible statistics:

There is no doubt that the visual design of an iPhone app has to be pleasing to the eye if you want it to be downloaded over and again. The adage “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” does not apply here.

As a matter of fact, many new apps have been produced with the notions of UI and UX left behind. So if you are thinking about learning some advice on how to construct a competitive UI or making a new iOS app with the help of experienced UI designers, this piece is for you.

  1. A clear aim in mind and an issue to solve

When building an iPhone app user interface design, one should pose the following question: What is the requirement to be met? Having a specific aim in mind helps to see how a particular iPhone product design might suit the needs of a bigger audience.

Whether it’s an application development or creating UI, if you are not tackling a real problem then you need to go back to the drawing board. Some careful thinking is a necessary before starting a project in a certain development environment. The same holds true for building user interfaces for iPhone.

It’s vital for UI designers to perform a lot of critical thinking. They’ve need to identify all the possible hurdles on the route to their design implementation. They are ready to move on and put their strategy to practice after the brainstorming is done. Looking for hire iPhone app developer in London for your business needs.

  1. An ability to connect on an emotional level

One of the secrets of effective iPhone app development is the ability to connect to people via a superbly-done UI. This helps to stay in tune with your target demographic of users. UI designers have have to stay up-to-date with the current trends in design and acquire more data on how to produce a more smooth and appealing app.

If the product was planned and produced some years ago, then it’s likely out of date, and it only needs to be redesigned. It must be both relevant and visually appealing.

UI trends are there not just to meet your users’ aesthetic wants but confer on them a high level of utility. In our scenario, contextual Apple usability makes people happier.

  1. The first impression is highly significant and is trust-building

It takes less than a second for individuals to form an opinion. Taking this into account, UI designers should try to make their iPhone app’s design extraordinary. From the proper color palette to the right combinations of pixels, the UI design has got to stand out. On the other side, consistency creates monotony and disinterest.

21 percent of consumers abandon an app after one use. This can be happening because of poor UI design. To make your product design more engaging, you simply have got to embrace the most recent design know-how.

Stunning, fine-tuned designs assist to trust-building. Somewhere in the deep recesses of our subconsciousness, we know if a company puts a high premium on the appearance of its website or mobile app, then their products/services are topnotch as well. A decent UI makes an app entertaining and eventually, consumers will likely trust that brand.

  1. Content & layout as effective attention-grabbers

People do want to utilize their favorite iPhone apps on all their gadgets in all circumstances of life. In iOS design process, interface components and layouts can be configured to automatically change shape and size on various gadgets, amid executing numerous tasks on iPad, in split view, when the screen is rotated.

When creating user interfaces for iPhone, it’s vital to create an adaptable interface that delivers an outstanding experience for all life’s scenarios. The major guideline here: the layout should fit the screen of an iOS gadget. Users should see primary material without zooming or scrolling up and down. The content should make people content.

iOS utilizes San Francisco (SF) as its typeface. The fonts are upgraded to give your text a unique style, clearness, and texture. Text should be at least 11 points to be legible at a usual viewing distance without zooming.

  1. Colorful contrast

Numerous studies reveal that colors play a crucial part in our lives impacting our mood on a regular basis. Life is boring without colors. Color is a vital feature in the UI designer’s toolbox.

Some colours make people aggressive, while others make them passive. Moreover, UI designers shouldn’t use colors to a degree that their clients become aggressively-passive.

UI designers’ purpose is to make users joyful enjoying their life to the fullest. And that’s feasible when they see the genuine beauty of UI design. A visual design that has got an appearance that is conducive to improved user engagement and is a potent attention grabber. 

For instance, there should be a rich contrast between the font color and the background to make information more intelligible. However, colors should be utilized sparingly. A savvy UI designer tends to utilize warmer colors (i.e., red) more than colder colors (i.e., blue), as the former ones tend to stand out and be more eye-pleasing. Also read: Best AWS Security Practices


iOS app development lifts the bar for quality to a new level in UI design. Mobile app developers are competing to create interesting and distinctive user experiences. There are certain common design elements before one starts coding to boost the Apple usability and make their iOS apps more beautiful.

A user interface is an integral part of iPhone app development. Outstanding interaction design of your app should be a win-win situation. It could bring your organization more cash, promote your brand and it could well benefit the larger good of humanity. At the end of the day, everyone wants to have an app with a more attractive and user-friendly iOS app interface design.

This article is simply the top of the iceberg. There are many more Apple iOS design guidelines that help our app developers produce first-class iPhone apps.

Are you ready to start the ball moving by having a new iOS app built? The consequence will be a fresh user experience for an untold number of customers.

Being experienced mobile app developers and designers, we at Onix can help you bring your iOs app ideas into existence. Book a free consultation with one of our project managers by submitting a contact request to learn more about excellent iOS app design.

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