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Advantages of staying near airport during business trip

Are you frequently travelling for work? Benefits of staying close to an airport or inside in the airport hotel will help you a lot.

Do you frequently travel for work? Do you know the benefits of staying close to an airport when travelling for business? For business travellers, choosing a hotel close to the airport is preferable. You often spend a lot of time changing flights and taking cabs when travelling for work. As a result, your hotel’s location is crucial. There are many benefits to staying in airport hotels. They were designed to aid business travellers on the run.

Benefits of staying near the airport

  • Closeness to the Key Locations

The majority of the time spent on a business trip—which typically lasts a day or two—is spent travelling to meetings. You can reach the most important places, including hotels and business hubs from the airport. You can rest and not worry about the flight the next day while travelling less. To make it easier for professionals visiting from other locations, MNCs frequently hold conferences and seminars in hotels close to the airport.

  • Easy Schedule

It goes without saying that travelling for business is stressful and drains your energy. Saving time and maintaining composure are two of the main benefits of booking a hotel close to the airport. Your energy levels will remain high and your productivity will grow with a simple routine free of additional stress. You can also meet your business associates at hotels close to the airport.

  • High Quality of Living

Due to the influx of foreign travellers, airports and the communities around them are typically highly developed. Near the airports, almost all amenities are easily accessible. If you are a business traveller who enjoys modern services booking a hotel close to the airport or a 5 star hotel inside airport will take care of the majority of your worries. Areas close to the airport will provide all of your needs for food, recreation, and telecommunications.

  • Money-Saving

By choosing hotels close to the airport, business travellers can sometimes save money. The cost of a taxi ride can be reduced first. Because most visitors choose a hotel that is located “in the city,” hotels close to the airport also offer affordable rates. Some hotels also provide travellers with free pick and drop from the airport if you book in advance.

  • Convenience in Everyway

Staying at a hotel close to the airport eases the stress of early morning departures, which is something no one should have to do after a business meeting. You could do more enjoyable things with the two hours you would spend getting dressed and travelling to the airport.

You must allow extra time for your trip if you are travelling during the morning rush hour because delays are unavoidable. The night before your flight, by staying at a hotel close to the airport, you can avoid the stress of hurrying and make it to the airport on time.

List of Top 5 star hotels near Delhi Airport

  • Lemon Tree Premier Delhi Airport

One of the popular 5 star hotel near Delhi Airport is Lemon Tree Hotel at a distance of 0.8km from the Airport.  The Lemon Tree is well known for its wonderful and welcoming staff. The hotel’s citrus restaurant is the most popular option with guests. The hotel’s convenient position in the middle of everything makes it the best feature. Here, you will discover all the first-rate features you might anticipate from a 5-star hotel. Every tourist has a wonderful stay thanks to the lovely swimming pool, lovely surroundings, cosy rooms with modern conveniences, well-cultured employees, and 24 hour front desk service.

  • The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

Leela Ambience Gurgaon lies at a distance of 6.4 km from Delhi Airport and is known for its fabulous and luxurious rooms. On National Highway 8, this hotel is situated. From Terminal 3 of the Delhi International Airport, a fifteen-minute drive will get you to the hotel. The hotel staff treats guests with a lot of courtesy and professionalism.

Everything at this hotel is great, from the cuisine selection to the surroundings and services. You may visit Gurgaon’s well-known “Ambience mall” while staying at this hotel. At this mall, there are many eye-catching items and activities. This comprises dining establishments, coffee shops, gaming areas, and retail stores.

  • The Umrao

The distance between this hotel and New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is 4.5 kilometres. The Umrao hotel may be your finest option if you’re seeking for a respectable place to spend a peaceful night. The food at the restaurant “The Thyme” is excellent. The lunch options were specifically chosen with the tourists’ preferences in mind. Every guest is astounded by the broad menu options, which range from South Indian to Chinese and Continental.

If you want to unwind with your loved ones in New Delhi, the Umrao hotel is a great choice. The organisation of large events like weddings is best suited to this extremely big location and well-maintained property. The draw of this hotel is its tranquil setting, lovely landscaping, spacious, pristine rooms, excellent service, and extensive Indo-Western buffet meal.

  • Pullman New Delhi Aerocity

Even just staying at the Pullman is a lovely experience. Numerous factors draw thousands of visitors to our hotel each year. Visitors are delighted with the hotel’s proximity to the airport, genuine welcome, attractively decorated and well-maintained rooms, and small yet helpful staff. The Hotel Pullman is great for conventions as well as leisure travel.

The hotel offers a serene atmosphere with lovely furnishings that showcase the sovereigns. First-time guests should have Google maps with them so they can easily find the hotel since it is not visible from the main road. The hotel has a great atmosphere and is very clean. The hotel is worth returning to because of its fantastic buffet meals and wide variety, friendly and helpful staff, and near access to a few eateries, including the “Worldmark Mall.”

  • Holiday Inn Express

An amazing 5 star hotel inside airport is Holiday Inn Express. Rejoice in the lap of luxury & enjoy world-class amenities at Holiday Inn situated at Terminal 3 of Delhi Airport. To book this hotel, guest must have a departure from domestic or international flight from terminal 3 within 24 hrs. The hotel boasts of modern design and comfortable facilities. One can enjoy Free Express Start Breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Travelers in need of a pre-flight freshen up, or those with shorter stopovers can make use of the hotel’s unique and innovative Aqua Pods. Stay on top of your fitness regime with our 24-hour fitness center. Exhausted travelers must make use of therapeutic treatments offered at the Spa.




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