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What is the use of the student-parent portal and its advantages?

What is the use of the student-parent portal and its advantages?

In the era of growing technology, it is very difficult to ignore the importance of developing technology and the need to constantly adapt to it. Many sectors in the world have already reached an unachievable height and they are still thriving towards the betterment of themselves.

On the other end, certain sectors in the world are still thriving towards achieving that desired growth in technology. When we talk about all sectors, It becomes very important to focus on the educational sector as it is impacted sectors due to technology.

While we focus on the impacts of technology on the educational sector. It is highly essential to focus on the way in which different educational campuses manage their campus and focus on the bond strengthening between parents and teachers. Thus, it becomes extremely important to develop advanced student-parent portal structures for the better advancement of campuses.

In this era of growing technology, it is also important that schools keep their focus on developing parental trust with respect to the organization as well. In these tough pandemic times, it is even more important to have an advanced student portal. Parent portal to continue the advancement of academics keeping it away from all the interruption.

As we have already started discussing the advantages that an efficient student-parent portal possesses. Let us take a quick look at all of the key advantages that it offers across various cases:

1 Quick Information Access:

Student parent portal it becomes easy to pass on accurate and quick information to the parents on a regular basis. All the important information including free updates, examination-related updates, general circulars can be quickly passed quickly to the parents through a smart parent app.

2 Online Fee Payment option:

The student-parent app provides options for fee collection as it gives the facility to the parent can pay the fees online itself. Parents need not stay in long queues to pay their fees as they can smartly pay for online payment gateway.

3 Streamlined Communication:

The most important thing nowadays has turned out to be the level of communication between teachers and parents. It helps a lot in increasing trust and parents, as a result, recommend the school to furthermore prospects. parent portal can prove to be highly beneficial in that case as it streamlines the communication between parents and teachers.

4 Secured access to parents:

Smart student-parent portals focus majorly on the security and authentication purpose and as a result. A properly secured login portal can help in gaining the trust factor of the parents again. Thus, it is very important to provide proper access with secured login portals.

5 Advanced report generation:

A parent portal can help schools generate accurate reports. The students and thus keep the parents regularly updated about the student’s progress as well as student academics.

6 Transparent relations:

The relation between the parents as well as teachers becomes highly transparent due to a student parent portal because parents can see regular updates about their child and also keep a track of that on a regular basis without any unnecessary glitch with the respective school or campus.

7 Increase in parental control:

As parents can use their updated parent portal on a regular basis. They maintain a smooth and regular relationship with the respective class teachers and hence students. It can be kept in disciplinary control and all the mischiefs of the students can be avoided and restricted.

Some factors play an essential and huge role in defining the importance of having a student-parent portal. As a part of the era of growing technology, it also becomes a responsibility of the schools to provide the parents with the best possible facilities just like a standard student-parent portal.

It also increases the trust factor of the parents in the school can increase the number of admissions. After the covid pandemic especially, the usage of the student-parent portal is anyhow going to increase.

The covid pandemic has already brought the entire world to a standstill and hence the importance of online portals. All of these things and requirements can be completely sorted by the usage of a smart student-parent portal. Hence it becomes the uttermost priority for the educational institutions to get onboarded with the student portal providers. And choosing a smart and efficient student portal provider is a complex task.


The Vidyalaya student portal is the best in the industry as it consists of all the necessary features. It’s plug-ins that are required for its proper functioning. That is the reason why more than 1300 schools at the moment serve more and more schools.

Not just the students, but also the parents can take maximum advantage of such a great quality-based student-parent portal. It keeps a regular watch on their child’s progress in terms of academics as well as other different activities. Multiple schools, colleges, and other campuses are getting onboarded with Vidyalaya at present as well.

Thus, based on all of the above points, we can successfully come to the conclusion that there is a huge requirement as well as the importance of a high-quality student-parent portal in the modern era. Schools should carefully choose such portals as it is a matter of the long-term costs for them. Campuses can focus on all of the points so that they can make the best possible purchase of such a product.

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