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What Is the Right Time for A Female to Opt for IVF Treatment?

IVF Treatment or In-Vitro Fertilization has revolutionized the possibilities of pregnancy in India. According to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, Since 1978, more than 8.5 million babies have been born with the help of IVF procedures or with other assisted reproductive technologies.

 But, before IVF treatment, patients can optimize their ability to conceive and increase the success rate of IVF.  Summarising the best advice from the team of fertility experts at Aastha Fertility Care, this blog will help you with the facts of IVF Treatment, explaining details about the right time to sail through the emotional IVF roller coaster.

When is the Right Time to Opt for In-Vitro Fertilisation?

IVF treatment is a lab-based procedure where a woman’s eggs are removed from their body, fertilized in the lab, and then placed back in the woman’s uterus when they begin to grow.

IVF is therefore considered the most effective and high-tech fertility treatment for a couple who wishes to expand their family. But there are a lot of factors that contribute to successful IVF deliveries.

 Firstly, the patient’s age plays a vital role in the treatment. Increasing women’s age degrades the quality and quantity of eggs, further raising the infertility alarms. The second factor is infertility duration. Women above the age of thirty must get their fertility checked to know the success chances of the ART.

If a couple wishes to conceive in the future, doctors will freeze the extracted embryos for successful future pregnancies.

Timely intervention and fertility evaluation will help reduce the risks of congenital disabilities, miscarriage, and chromosomal abnormalities, improving the chances of a successful pregnancy.

IVF Facts to Help Find the Right Time for the Treatment: 

1. IVF Works Best When You’re Younger: states Women trying to conceive after the age of 40 have 23% to 24% chances of miscarriage which tends to increase subsequently in the following years. Therefore, it is advised to take desirable actions to increase success chances in the early fertility years. IVF isn’t a silver bullet for infertility but is a ray of hope for all the women who wish to conceive after 35, the geriatric phase according to fertility years.

The younger you are, the better the quality and quantity of eggs, which declines after the mid-thirties.

2. Do it Before Fallopian Tubes Blocks:

 With increasing age, fallopian tubes tend to block. The role of the fallopian tube is to pick the egg after ovulation, transfer it to the mid tube for fertilization and transfer the fertilized egg to the uterus. A blocked, dilated, infected, or torturous fallopian tube compromises the egg’s pick-up and transfer functions, leading to increased chances of ectopic pregnancy.

3. Check for Egg Reserve or AMH levels :

 Low AMH or poor egg reserve might make the IVF journey difficult for women, reducing success chances. So, if you are diagnosed with any of the options, consult the fertility experts at Aastha Fertility Care to get the best advice and treatment, increasing the successful chances of deliveries.

4. Endometriosis level Is Hint:

Increasing endometriosis levels, i.e., levels 1 and 2, and low ovarian reserve and blocked fallopian tubes indicate that a bit delay might suddenly decrease the potential of IVF treatment. Therefore, patients must not waste time and immediately opt for IVF to get the desired results.

5. Partner Having Azoospermia:

If your male partner is suffering from azoospermia with no or low sperm count, abnormal sperm shape, or poor sperm mobility, you must opt for the ICSI/IVF Treatment without any delay to increase the chances of a healthy baby.

What are the Benefits of IVF?

 More than half of infertile couples are opting for IVF treatments. Doctors recommend the procedure as the first rescue option for couples struggling with infertility. There need to be significant benefits for this mass preference. The top 4 benefits of IVF Treatment include: 

  • Increases the Chances of a Healthy Baby:

IVF is also associated with many other tests that help know the baby’s health. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) helps with genetic screening and testing of various medical or genetic conditions in the growing embryo. 

  • Control Over Timing:

With the option of cryopreservation and egg freezing techniques, women and men can choose the right time to get pregnant. 

  • Decreased Chances of Miscarriage:

 Miscarriage is primarily due to genetic disability, and PGD helps diagnose the same, decreasing the chances of miscarriage.

Meet the Best Fertility Experts:

IVF may seem complicated initially but is the only approved, guaranteed, and safe rescue option for couples dealing with infertility.

 Aastha Fertility Center has a list of licensed fertility experts that will assist you with the best advice,  IVF treatment, and technologies throughout the IVF procedure, smoothing down the roller coaster ride for your all.

 Book Your Online Consultation for the best IVF treatment in India to get a virtual analysis, clarifying all your doubts about the right time for the IVF treatment.

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