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Basket Random – How To Play

Explore Basket Random, it is a fun sports game.

A retro 8-bit game with a vintage look is called Basket Random. Do you recall the incredibly compelling 8-bit vintage games that used to keep us occupied for hours? If you miss playing such fun games on your handheld console, we have some good news for you. This game has a very simple concept and extremely easy one-touch gameplay.

What is Basket Random?

Basket Random is a lighthearted two-player sport game. You’re a basketball player who needs the ball in the basket as soon as possible. Swiping on the screen to release the ball and see how far it travels accomplishes this. The player with the highest score wins the game! The game’s objective is comparable to that of traditional basketball. In the game, there are two pots, and the player attempts to throw it into the opposite pot.

Prepare to walk outside in Basket Random while wearing your jersey. This game includes both single-player and two-player game modes, ensuring that the fun and competition never ends. If you believe you have the best shots and can score points indefinitely, show your competitors that you are the best!

There are options to play with two players and one game if you choose a computer (bot) that we call artificial intelligence two-player option so you can choose if you have any friend or you can play with your brother on the same keyboard. Basketball Random Full Screen is a basketball game that can be played in full screen mode.

How to play 

There are a total of four characters when the basket random game starts: two from your side and two from the other side. Your characters start the game by moving back and forth while attempting to throw the basketball into the game’s pots. Jumping along with the upward-facing key on your keyboard’s direction keys controls your character’s movements. Once your character’s hand touches the ball, the ball is automatically in their hands.

Use your cursor to throw the ball you have in your hand into the other pot (mouse, mouse). The ball that your character is holding when he jumps is thrown in the general direction of your cursor. A round is won by the first player to accumulate 5 points. When playing in two-player mode, one player uses the w key to control the game while the other uses the direction keys. The characters in the 2-player mode automatically send the ball to the opposing pot, eliminating mechanical disputes and enabling a more enjoyable game. In this mode, the cursor is irrelevant.

Two teams, each with two players, compete in a basketball match. Each team member plays a particular position, such as a defender or a dunker.

  • The dunker: He’s in the middle of the basketball court. He is in charge of handling and shooting the ball. During the game, you must control the dunker to move into the opposing team’s courtside and steal the ball from them. Take control of the dunker whenever he gets the ball and throw the ball into the basket to score. To get a high score, try to perform impressive slam-dunks.
  • The defender: His position puts him squarely behind the one who is dunking. It is necessary for him to thwart any attempts by the opposing offense to score. When your opponent tries to put the ball in the basket, you can limit his opportunities to score by commanding the defender to jump or lie down.

Stickmen are actually challenging to manage because they cannot be directed in any specific manner, and their movements cannot be predicted. You have to use your quick reflexes and dexterous fingers to maintain control of them as a result. You will score one point if you successfully throw the ball and it lands in the basket. Whichever team scores the most points at the end of the game wins.


In addition to these game conditions, there is a different kind of challenge for us to complete in each game. Some examples of these challenges are as follows:

  • Icy map: Characters on the icy map will slide during movement, which makes the game difficult.
  • Small hand: Because of the unusually small size of your hand, it will be challenging for you to successfully catch the ball.
  • Big hand: Your hand is bigger than usual, which makes it harder for you to catch the ball and increases the competition.
  • Big head and small head: Your head is bigger and smaller than usual.
  • Heavy Ball: Because the ball is made of iron, it is quite heavy. It is unable to bounce and flies only a short distance. As a result, you must approach the opposing team’s basket in order to throw the ball into it.
  • Short Arm: Characters with short arms are unable to throw the ball into the basket from a long distance. As a result, you should direct your character to approach the opponent’s basket and slam dunk.
  • Large Hoop: You will have a better opportunity to dunk the ball as a result of it. As a direct consequence of this, you will have the ability to strike the ball from a great distance.


How to play Basket Random?

To make either of your two players jump or take a shot at the basket, you need only press and then let go of a single button. You have a better chance of winning a game if you score more points than your opponent and if you defend your basket by preventing their shots from going in.

What are the game modes of Basket Random ?

You have the option of playing against the computer by yourself or teaming up with a friend on the same device. The two-player mode is going to provide epic matches with some very entertaining moments!

Who is the developer of Basket Random?

TD2TL, a game studio based in Istanbul and founded by Bilge Kaan, was responsible for developing the game. TD2TL is also responsible for the development of other games that are very similar, such as Soccer Random and Gun

You can find more informtion in infor Postings.

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