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What is The amount Of a Motherboard?

The expense of motherboards relies on a lot of variables. Similarly, just like with all business items out there, there is a huge scope of models for motherboards. Check online for the Intel Motherboard Price in India. Consequently, the inquiry, of how much is a motherboard, relies on what classification of motherboards you are checking out.

Basically, a motherboard can cost anyplace between $50-$1500. Yet, the typical expense of a motherboard in the spending plan range is about $70-$130. Mid-reach motherboards can run somewhere in the range of $150-$180. Famous top-of-the-line motherboards have a typical expense of about $200-$250. Motherboards more costly than $250 are for outrageous manufacturers and fans.

Once more, some motherboards are essential and just appropriate for spending plan arranged PC assembles. Fundamental motherboards offer the bear least specs. The more costly a motherboard gets, the more extra highlights it offers.

In the accompanying text, I will discuss how much is the typical expense of a motherboard in different classes yet additionally discuss factors that influence the cost of a motherboard.

So What is The amount Of a Motherboard?

To sort out the specific cost of a motherboard, I will order them in light of the chipsets. Since chipsets basically characterize the ability of a motherboard, the cost is straightforwardly connected with what chipset the motherboard offers.


H510 and H610 are both low-end chipsets for Intel motherboards. The motherboard highlighting this chipset includes the bare least specs, for example, more vulnerable and fewer VRMs, fewer PCIe paths, fewer PCIe spaces, and more slow USB ports.

The H510 chipset depends on the Intel LGA 1200 attachment expected for Intel’s tenth and eleventh Gen computer processors.

The H610 chipset is more up-to-date and depends on the Intel LGA1700 attachment for Intel twelfth gen and fresher computer processors.

The A520, then again, is a financial plan chipset for AMD constructs including the AM4 attachment.

As of composing this article, coming up next are the costs of a portion of the Intel H and AMD A series motherboards.

Check online for the Intel Motherboard Price in India

Intel H510 Motherboard Costs

Motherboard Attachment Cost StructureFactor

  • MSI H510M-A Master LGA1200 $79 mATX
  • Asus PRIME H510M-E LGA1200 $95 mATX
  • MSI H510I Master WIFI LGA1200 $128 Small scale ITX

Motherboards with Intel H510 chipset are among the least expensive including the LGA1200 attachment.

Contingent on what highlights you want, the costs for the motherboard including H510 changes between $79-$128.

The MSI H510M-A Master is the least expensive as it offers fewer highlights, for example, a lower number of PCIe extension spaces and fewer video yield ports on the backboard.

While the MSI H510I Genius WiFi is among the more costly model since it offers a reduced small-scale ITX structure factor and furthermore implicit WiFi.

Intel H610 Motherboard Costs

Motherboard Attachment Cost Structure Factor

  • ASRock H610M-HDV/M.2 LGA1700 $100 mATX
  • Asus PRIME H610M-A D4-CSM LGA1700 $110 mATX

The H610 is the spending plan motherboard chipset highlighting the LGA1700 attachment for the Intel twelfth Gen computer processors.

The typical expense of this motherboard is about $100.

AMD A520 Motherboard Costs

Motherboard Attachment Cost StructureFactor

  • MSI A520M-A Master AM4 $63 mATX
  • ASRock A520M Pro4 AM4 $85 mATX
  • ASRock A520M-ITX/ac AM4 $165 Smaller than usual ITX

AMD A520 is presently the least expensive motherboard chipset that includes the AM4 attachment reasonable for AMD Ryzen computer processors from 1000 the whole way to 5000 series.

AMD A520 motherboards are for the most part less expensive than the Intel H510 and H610 chipsets essentially on the grounds that they adjust to the more established PCIe 3.0 norm and deal more slow USB ports. The Intel H510 and H610 have spaces that adjust to PCIe 4.0 and furthermore offer quicker USB ports.

The typical expense of an A520 motherboard is about $85-$90 dollar.

The least expensive A520 motherboard is the MSI A520M-A Master with an ongoing business sector cost of about $63. While the ASRock A520M-ITX/ac is an exception with a costly sticker price of $165 basically because of the way that it offers a small-scale ITX structure factor and an implicit WiFi. I wouldn’t suggest this motherboard however at this cost.


Intel B560, B660, and AMD B550 are mid-reach chipsets frequently liked by plan and editors on a careful spending plan, as well as by gamers.

They offer highlights, for example, fresher PCIe rendition, more PCIe paths, more up-to-date and a bigger number of USB and M.2 ports, better VRMs, more extension openings, support for double illustrations cards, and so on

Intel B560 Motherboard Costs

Motherboard Attachment Cost StructureFactor

  • MPG B560I GAMING EDGE WIFI LGA1200 $240 Smaller than expected ITX

The Intel B550 has the most stretched-out scope of motherboards going from a modest $90 motherboard the whole way to the astoundingly costly MSI MPG B560I Gaming Edge WiFi worth $240, the explanation obviously being the smaller Little ITX structure factor.

In any case, by and large, the most well-known cost range for B560 motherboards is about $150. Obviously, contingent on the fancy odds and ends you need, the more costly the motherboard settles the score with the mid-reach chipset.

Intel B660 Motherboard Costs

Motherboard Attachment Cost StructureFactor

  • Asus PRIME B660M-A D4 LGA1700 $140 mATX
  • MSI MAG B660 Hatchet WIFI DDR4 LGA1700 $190 ATX
  • Asus ROG STRIX B660-I GAMING WIFI LGA1700 $220 Smaller than usual ITX
  • Asus ROG STRIX B660-A GAMING WIFI D4 LGA1700 $240 ATX

The essential contrast between the B560 and B660 is that the last option includes the LGA1700 attachment expected for the Intel twelfth-gen attachments.

Normally, the B660 motherboards are more costly on normal when contrasted with the B560 motherboards.

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