10 Unique Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Virtual holiday parties have paved their way through our lives, and there’s still a long way to go. Various organizations are looking forward to hosting parties virtually but don’t have enough ideas to make the celebrations happen. 

Here are some virtual holiday party ideas that will help you with the same. Happy reading!

Watch an old classic

Including movie night in your virtual holiday party celebrations can never go wrong. Can you think of any better idea to enjoy your holidays than watching some hits with your loved ones? To add more fun to it, you can ask the attendees to pitch in some ideas, or what about hosting a poll for this? The virtual holiday party platform you are going to select will help you with this. You can always watch an old classic and share some waves of laughter with your friends, employees, or family. Also, don’t forget to get a cozy blanket and some popcorn to get into the feel.  

How about moving on some party hits

How about grooving to some party anthems this virtual holiday? Host a virtual dance party and swing to some hit party numbers. It will help your guests relax and bond with other people present at the virtual holiday party. Even if you’re hosting the party for your employees, dancing will keep the vibe casual. Make it more exciting by curating an open playlist and asking your attendees to add at least one song of their choice to it. It will give the party more of a group effort, and nobody will feel out of place. And always remember, the party is better when everyone’s dancing!

Add some colors to the party through a costume contest

You haven’t heard of this virtual party idea; we can bet! Give the party an exciting and colorful vibe by hosting a costume contest. Set a theme for the competition, something unusual. It will compel your attendees to get out of PJ bounded cocoons and give them something to look forward to. Think of something different than the regular Superhero-themed costume contests. How about having your attendees dressed up as cartoon characters? Announce exciting prizes for the winners. It will act as a motivation, and your guests will take the contest seriously. Make it more fun by adding some goofy elements so that your guests are excited to join in on the celebrations. 

Go for it, channel your guests’ inner artist

Add a unique element to your virtual holiday celebrations by hosting a craft competition. Don’t worry; your guests don’t have to be an artist for this. Instead, keep it entertaining by hosting a funny card-making competition or something of that sort. It won’t only bring a more humorous side of your guests to the table but also give everyone a few reasons to laugh. Your guests can either make physical cards or virtual cards using various available applications, depending on their choice. Allocate a time limit for the competition. See, the idea is to make the party entertaining and get into the holiday mood. This Virtual holiday party idea for work will help you and your guests with the same. 

Cheers, it’s a wine tasting session!

If you want to give your virtual holiday party an ‘oh-so-sophisticated feel, then maybe a wine tasting session is what you can include in your party. On the other hand, if you’re someone who has good taste in wine and likes to experiment with it, maybe this virtual year end party idea is a great way to guide your guests through some of the most impressive wines out there. In fact, is it even a party if you don’t have a few cheers throughout the night? Various services deliver wines and other drinks to your doorsteps. You can contact them and get them delivered to your guests before the party. Keep in mind the distance and cities before planning so. So have a wine expert on board and clink glasses together, and have an enjoyable session! Also, not necessarily wine, you can go with any other thing, for example, Chocolates or anything you like. 

Nothing better than Playing Games Together

It is not a party without some waves of laughter, giggles, fun, and games. To make sure your guests have the time of their lives at the party and remember your party for the years to come, host some virtual party games. There are various games that you can include in your party to make sure you have a blast. Virtual holiday games work the best when you don’t have a particular theme for your party, and you want to keep things light and exciting. Some of the options of the virtual game are given below. Read on to get an idea- 

  • Name that tune- It is a fun game where the participants must guess the name of a popular song. Rules are simple; the one who assumes first wins. 
  • Dumb Charades- Everyone is already aware of the game. There’s not a single person who hasn’t played this game at least once in their life. If anyone says they don’t know anything about the game, either they are lying or, yes, they are lying. 
  • Pictionary- Online or Offline, it has always been an exciting game to play. A classic game, Pictionary requires you to draw something and the other one to guess what it is.

Send out gifts

You don’t need any reason to send out gifts to someone. Do you? But let us give you one. You can send gifts to your attendees and give them a reason to smile. Play a ‘guess the gift’ game with your attendees and keep the excitement alive. Send gifts to your guests beforehand and ask them not to open them till the party. Step up the game by sending the gifts anonymously and asking them to guess who could be the sender.  Though such types of activities usually are a part of Christmas celebrations; but, as said, you don’t need any reason to send gifts.

How about checking your guests’ knowledge

Another exciting way to add joy to your party, you can host a trivia session. It can be around anything, your country, any festival, movies, anything. Add a dash of humor and goofiness by hosting a trivia session related to each other.  A great way to check how much the other person knows you, isn’t it? 

A Virtual Scavenger Hunt can never go wrong

You can host a virtual scavenger hunt and heat up your virtual holiday party. This activity doesn’t take much time, hardly 20 minutes. You can divide your guests into virtual breakout rooms or send out a list to them and set a time limit to collect the things. Some things you can mention are,

  • Candy
  • Belonging
  • Sweater
  • Picture
  • Best holiday party gift received

Karaoke Session

Sing songs with your guests and enjoy your holidays in the best way possible. You can also host a karaoke session where your attendees will sing songs of their choice. The live poll feature of your virtual event platform can give it an interesting feel. You can select a winner through this. The performance that the guests enjoyed the most takes a prize home. 

We understand physical parties are more exciting, but that doesn’t mean virtual ones are not fun. Yes, they require extra planning and effort, but they are efficient enough to deliver you a memorable experience. To host a successful virtual holiday party, all you need is the above mentioned ideas and an Online event solution like Dreamcast. Get aboard with Dreamcast and add joy to your virtual new year celebration. 

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