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What Differentiates Kangen Alkaline Water From Other Sources?

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In recent times, medical professionals and research experts have been recommending Kangen Alkaline water for people to consume for a healthier quality of life. And with the rise of polluted environments and diseases all around, especially during the pandemic and heightened pollution in the air. It is even more important to drink a fluid that is safe for the system. It provides the necessary minerals along with the required hydration to the body.

But what makes this water so special? And why are professionals recommending it from all around the world to their patients? To decode this mystery, it is better to first understand what this fluid is. Kangen Alkaline water comes from a Japanese dialect as well as technology that means to go back to the roots, origins, or and source. Why the source?

Well, because the body in its natural and healthy state is slightly basic or alkaline in nature. And since this fluid shares the same nature, drinking helps in restoring the body’s health as well as making the vital bodily systems work in a better and more efficient manner.

This water comes from a specialized ionizing machine that has advanced purification and ionization technology. This is also one of the key factors that make this liquid vastly different from the ones coming from other sources. Some of such sources are listed below for you to understand and compare:

Other Sources Besides Alkaline Water

Over the years, there have been many different sources from which the universal solvent comes. People have been drinking it in various forms in various places for a long time. Some common sources include:

Purified Water

These days, drinking purified water has become a common trend among people. Almost everyone today has a filter system attached in his/her home to purify the normal fluid that comes from taps. Now the problem with the liquid coming from faucets and taps is that they have a direct supply.

Needless to say that therefore, there is no proper filtration unit to take care of the solvent’s treatment. Hence there is a very high chance that the solvent has harmful bacteria, germs, sediments, dirt, and wastes like pesticides and chemical residues from industries in it.

This is why it is strictly not advised for oral consumption. But it is also not possible to keep buying bottles from outside. Therefore filters prove useful for people to convert the tap supply into a seemingly healthier variant.

But even then these conventional filters and purification systems are nowhere close to alkaline water because they are not as effective in removing bacteria and other harmful microorganisms from the liquid. More often than not, when this equipment is not cleaned thoroughly regularly. The same bacteria can get into the water very easily.

Distilled Liquid

Some of you might already be familiar with the concept of distilled water. What happens here is that people boil the solvent and convert it entirely into steam. This steam or vapor is then collected and condensed in a vessel to form the fluid back.

Because of this process, this liquid is considered the purest variant of the universal solvent available here. But is it healthy enough as well? Most probably not. Even experts agree with this statement because the boiling and collecting process removes all the harmful and beneficial substances from the fluid.

Even though there is no dirt and bacteria here, there are no minerals and vitamins as well in it. Thus, there are no health benefits from drinking this fluid.

On the contrary, if you drink it, it will pull the minerals from your body to regain its original composition and bring back its original state. So instead of providing you with the necessary healthy substances, it snatches the existing health away from you. Thus, people never advise or consider drinking it.

Carbonated Fluid

Carbonated or sparkling fluid is the one in which people use machines to put extra carbon dioxide into it to give people a fizzy feeling. Just like they get from drinking cold drinks and other related beverages from outside. Sometimes, people also add flavors to it to give themselves a tasty drinking experience.

But the obvious disadvantage that people encounter when they consume such solvents orally is that it affects their internal health in an unpleasant manner. Artificial flavors and sugars can increase blood sugar levels and worsen health conditions in people, especially in patients suffering from diabetes. Not so healthy after all, is it?

What Makes The Kangen Water Machine in Noida Unique?

Now for the burning question, what exactly is it that makes a Kangen water machine in Noida and the fluid coming from it unique and beneficial as compared to other variants of the universal solvent? Well, as mentioned above, it makes use of a highly-advanced ionization machine that uses a principle called electrolysis.

The setup contains two oppositely charged plates separated by a membrane which is only permeable by charged particles called ions. Now when the liquid from taps passes into this machine, the electrolysis process separates the minerals from acidic carbonates in the fluid.

This converts it into two different types, one acidic and the other alkaline. That alkaline water is then mixed with the necessary minerals like calcium and magnesium to make it healthy and purified further.

Since this equipment uses an ionization process, it is very different from the normal filtration units that use different layers of membranes, RO systems, and softeners. Sometimes these machines purify the water way too much, which as a result removes all the necessary substances from it required for a healthy body.

But Kangen ionizer machines do not do so and make sure the necessary minerals are added after the purification takes place through electrolysis. You can then use the liquid for drinking and oral consumption in the form of cooking, taking medicines, etc.

The Health Benefits Of Using Kangen Alkaline Water犀利士

Now that you know why this machine is different, you must be wondering what uses it has if any. To let you know, the alkaline solvent is really helpful for the body as it returns the body to its original basic state. And why is this basic state important anyway?

It is so because there are a lot of excess acids in our bodies today. You might have noticed the increased consumption of junk, fried, oily, greasy, spicy, and salty foods in our generation. Such fast foods are as quick in doing acidic damage to the body as they are in being consumed.

To reduce the acidic damage and bring a certain pH balance to the system. It is vital that people drink basic fluids.

Furthermore, due to its nature, it provides you with a conducive and healthy environment for the inner systems to work and function in the optimal manner, including the very digestive system.

And on top of that, it helps strengthen the immune system by providing the blood with a good atmosphere to help its white blood cells grow and become effective in fighting external bacteria, viruses, and infections.

This is something that just cannot be ignored in today’s times when the pandemic and heightened pollution levels have threatened our lifestyles and the quality of our lives. So what are you waiting for? Give the body what it actually deserves and save yourself from doing any further damage from the outside environment.

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