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Jackets for Women That are Dominating Fashion

Where can you find good Jackets for women? The answer is What comes as a surprise and a shock is the absolute truth that you cannot find better jackets than our website. They have a large variety of almost everything and jackets is one of them. is slowly becoming Pakistan’s leading brand in women and men fashion. From the start till the finish, they have everything in between. If you’re looking to upgrade your house or if you’re jack looking to ramp up your wardrobe.


Women Jackets Online

One of the most timeless outfits that are wear by everyone once a year by popular demand and observation is Jackets. Despite the winter season, it is still a popular choice. This is one fashion statement that has been leaving an impact on everybody. You can follow the Megan Markel trend with a trench coat or a badass Rihanna look with a leather bomber jacket for your inspiration. A jacket is the perfect winter accessory. The beauty about jackets is that its just a garment butt added incentive is that its an accessory as well. which is something we love. not to forget that the jackets keep you warm during the winter so this is the perfect example of fashion plus comfort. All these things and many more, make the jacket wardrobe an essential part of your winter season.

Ladies Jackets in Pakistan

The denim is probably one of the most popular fabrics. Jeans, shirts, jackets, shorts, skirts, you name it, and denim has made a mark. Add denim to any mix of outfits be it casual or party wear, denim makes everything better. Denim goes great with any sort of bottoms, jeans, shorts, skirts, and any type pf upper wear like plain simple Tee, crop tops, printed dresses, plain dresses, the works. Basically everything and anything. Denim jackets also hide your curves or flaunt them as per body type. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that denim is versatile, needless to say.


Leather Jackets for Women

For a much edger looking, most women and men option for leather jackets due to them being a perfect fit for casual outfits. One just needs to pair a leather jacket with the appropriate clothes to be super trendy. The leather jacket works in a plethora of options for you to choose from. For Instance, in casual, one can pair it with a classic white T-shirt and your basic blue jeans for women and boots, or with a printed top and heels for a much edgier look. Much like the bomber jacket, the leather jacket also has a rich history that we are going delve into.

The jacket was worn by German pilots during World War I initially for protection. The leather jacket was brought into attention by the Harley-Davidson when the rose was embedded or printed behind the jacket, which is essentially when it got popular. Later in 1928, a designer named Irving Schott converted the leather jacket into a motorcycle jacket and that’s when it became the uniform for bikers. One would only find the leather jacket via a Harley-Davidson distributor at a pricey cost. Initially in Pakistan you could only find it in one or two market places and that too with a hint of unquestionable leather. Further, in the 1940s, the leather jacket became a symbol statement of army men and that’s how it started.

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It wasn’t till the 1950s, the fashion crossed the gender boundaries and was embraced by females and what a turn of events that proved to be. In 1954, the leather jacket was titled as ‘Ladies companion jacket’ and from there it took off. The gender bias of the jacket came to an end and was accepted by people worldwide thus setting in equality.

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