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Top Reasons to Buy and Use Dome Security Cameras

Top Reasons to Buy and Use Dome Security Cameras

Are you tip-toeing around the idea of using dome security cameras for your CCTV surveillance system at your home or office? Or you would just like to know more about dome security cameras in general?. We have got you covered. Dome CCTV cameras are used in the majority of CCTV surveillance systems. In retail stores, hotels, banks, and apartment complexes, you’ve probably noticed the small, dome-shaped camera installed on a corner. Intruders will have a hard time determining which direction the camera is looking because the dome is dark.

What are dome security cameras? What are the different types available?

Dome security cameras are distinguished by their circular, dome encasing and are highly versatile. They are widely using in indoor and outdoor settings which included hotels, banks, retail stores, apartment complexes, etc. The dome cameras have plenty of features like a sturdy metal base, IR for night vision, etc, which makes it one of the best surveillance solutions for rugged conditions.

The different types of dome cameras available in the market today include PTZ Dome Camera, Outdoor Dome Camera, PoE Dome Camera, 4K Dome Camera, and Dome CCTV Camera.

Here we give you the best reasons for opting for dome security cameras for your CCTV systems.

Wide-angle views

Dome cameras are built in such a way that it can easily accommodate wide-angle views. Whether placed indoors or outdoor, dome cameras can readily be transformed into panoramic surveillance cameras that are packed with multiple sensors. The PTZ dome security cameras are equip with ultra-wide-angle cameras with a field ranging from 180 degrees to an impressive 360 degrees.

Vandalism proof

Making sure the dome security camera you choose has vandalism proof features is essential. Outdoor dome cameras normally have a 1K 10 vandal-proof rating which can withstand tampering and rough handling. They are also design to withstand harsher weather conditions. Choose vandal-proof dome security cameras if you intend to place them in low ceiling areas or places that are within arm’s reach.

Day & Night Monitoring

Night safety is an important matter in terms of CCTV systems. Infrared dome security cameras can effectively provide security monitoring day and night. Even in total darkness, the built-in infrared LEDs of the infrared dome cameras can capture sharp and clear images. No ambient light is necessary. In case of a home or office break-in, you will be able to receive instant alerts and recorded footage in no time.

Aesthetic appeal

People are showing interest in dome security cameras solely for their aesthetic appeal. The IP dome security cameras are a perfect combination of simplicity and minimalism with discrete monitoring systems that blend well with the surroundings. The white-coloured dome security cameras perfectly sync with limestone walls and ceiling plasters.

Discrete positioning

The dome security cameras swivel in a cycle and makes it harder for a criminal to outsmart the camera. It would be a really hard task for onlookers to determine the direction of the camera’s lens because of the unique structure of the dome. It becomes impossible for intruders to make use of blind spots and also foresee the areas monitored without coming close to the camera. This is greatly effective in deterring crime and vandalism.

Variety and Diversity

Dome security cameras are all-encompassing. They can use indoor or outdoor can come in different shapes and sizes. The dome cameras could be either be IP dome security cameras or analogue dome security cameras. They are equip with additional features like IR night vision or other technologies like thermal sensors, motion sensors, or pan tilt zoom features. The dome cameras can have fixed, mobile or movable domes. The external housing design can customize to blend with the surroundings.

Affordability and Durability

The dome security camera with its great features is a very budget-friendly option. The installation of dome cameras is also simple making it a perfect choice for all. The camera is extremely durable and can last for several years.

Ease of installation

The installation of dome security cameras involves placing the bracket on the surface and screwing it before mounting them. The wired or wireless security cameras may need some additional wall drilling and threading of wires around the house. For video transmission, wireless dome cameras do not need any wiring and are easily operable over WiFi. One thing to note is that is the dome security cameras’ pointing angle cannot be easily re-adjustable once mount to the ceiling.

No matter how best your security camera is, if not well-maintained issues can occur. It can easily become dusty and can be a hotbed for spider webs, etc. Regular maintenance and cleaning of surfaces of the security cameras are necessary to prolong the lifespan of the cameras. Get in touch with the best Dome CCTV Camera Manufacturer in your area to get buy the best dome security cameras for your CCTV system.

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