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Understanding The Ins and Outs Of Double Glazing Sales and How Windows Are Sold 

The media frequently makes fun of those who sell double-paned windows, and occasionally they have a valid cause to do so. National double glazing companies sometimes hire sales workers on the basis of commission alone, and these employees receive little to no training on the items they sell because the companies often only provide one or two varieties of windows. The majority of the training that is provided to commission-only salespeople working for bigger double-glazing firms is concentrated on sales strategies, such as how to overcome objections, offer to finance, and complete the deal at night. This is the reason why they would often request that both partners (if you are married or have a partner) be present for the sales call. Because the consumer’s most common issue is “I can’t make an order until I get clearance from my spouse,” both of you need to be there during the sales call in order to overcome this barrier. If you look to get high-quality windows I strongly recommend KJM windows. 

A salesperson devotes a significant amount of their time to “rubbishing” their competitors, sometimes in an effort to justify the exorbitant rates they charge. There are a wide variety of different profile systems available on the market, and while some double-glazed products are superior to others because they have more insulating chambers or are able to accommodate larger triple-glazed units, for example, there is certainly room for variety in this category of product. Locking mechanisms, particularly those used on doors, can differ greatly. Cheap euro cylinders are often imported from the Far East, and they are readily broken with a pair of mole grips. On the other hand, a good lock can endure repeated tries to drill it out or shatter it, depending on the situation. Be wary of the salesperson who tells you that aluminum experiences condensation or that lumber rots. Yes, there are distinctions; for example, a cheap softwood window can rot, but a softwood such as Accoya can survive for decades. Guarantees and instructions for normal upkeep are included with every product, regardless of the material it is made of, to ensure that the product has a long life. Disregard the claims of anybody who says the thing they sell requires no maintenance. It is a word that is frequently used within our industry, but the reality is that there is no door or window product that is completely free of the need for maintenance. During their lifetimes, each one of them will need to be maintained in some way, whether it is by periodic cleaning, lubrication, or adjustment. 

Pricing or receiving a double-glazing quotation? 

Here is where you will find significant variances between the companies. Many salespeople whose only compensation comes from commission begin their negotiations with an outrageously high price. The price begins to decrease as the sales call goes on until it eventually reaches a “unique one-off deal that can never be duplicated.” In the event that this does not work, the next step in the sales process will be a call to their boss (this may frequently be the wife at home). The conversation will go something like this: “I’ve hit the bottom of my allowable discount structure. Is there anything you can do?” After a moment of silence, the person on the other end of the line will eventually respond “well that’s fantastic, they will be thrilled” before hanging up the phone. After that, they could tell you that they were able to secure an extra reduction from a different section of the budget or a different portion of the budget. Having said that, this will have a time limit and will only be accessible throughout the night. Increasing the amount of pressure that is being put on you to sign right then and there! 

Salespeople have the ability to make whatever promise they want. 

It is likely that re-rendering will be necessary for windows that were put in render; nevertheless, the majority of businesses do not include decorating in their services; the same is true for interior plasterwork. Re-decorating the room to some degree, even a little amount, will be necessary, but this expense is often never included. 


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