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Top Programming Languages to Develop Shopify Apps

Shopify is known for its customizability. This popular e-commerce platform offers great control over the feel and looks of the store. Shopify offers hundreds of new Shopify app development to resolve every issue. Not everyone can fit your needs. What should you do now?  You can create an app for yourself. Never done it before, don’t worry we got everything sorted out in this article.

What Language Are Shopify App Development Written In?

Shopify offers official libraries for Python and Ruby to develop apps. However, the technology stack is limited to just python or Ruby. Third-party libraries are accessible for more languages like PHP or node. If you developed an app in another language but you could make a UI similar to Shopify.

Then you need a programming language which is Shopify Polaris. It’s a guide or reaction element provided by Shopify, especially for designers. It is more of a  content style or set of patterns that offer a great experience in the app for the user.

Shopify Polaris offers  HTML snippets.  If you aren’t comfortable with the react components choose HTML components. As you can see there are many doors to open the Shopify app for every framework and language.  However, we listed a few popular Shopify app development programming languages that are used by popular brands so small businesses have a look at them.

1. Python

In case you are seeking a normal programming language, without too much complexity then Python could be the one for you.  It’s usually a typed language that offers abstraction that prioritizes the readability of the code. It even utilizes indentation vastly.

Python is best for big and small projects, where the object-oriented and language elements make programmers write logical and clear codes. It allows the exchange of ideas. That supports several programming paradigms, which involve object-oriented programs,  structured programming, functional programming, and more.

Python is mostly a garbage collector that makes sure every additional memory is collected & reclaimed. A few important features of Python involve being portable and dynamic with ease of coding. Python has an extensive array of Library along with the support for more Languages

2. Ruby

Many libraries offer several varieties of different languages like PHP, Node, and Ruby.

As the Shopify app is self-hosted, all of the interactions happen through Shopify’s REST APIs by JSON.

But there is one simple programming language for starting with the Shopify app which is Ruby. It is simple to learn where Shopify got good support for framework and language. Indexes declared Ruby as top ten programming language. It’s a site that tracks the popularity & growth of languages across the World. Being a free programming language that could be distribute.

Ruby over Rails web framework is most responsible for the Shopify app development. Ruby language features many benefits that involve python, java, with ‘exception management tools for handling errors. Also, writing C extensions in Ruby could be easier than in Python. Hire a Shopify plus agency to implement ruby in your Shopify app development more effectively.

3. JavaScript

Shopify offers authorized libraries for both python and Ruby. However,  third-party libraries are accessible for many languages like PHP or Node. If you plan on offering a user interface for the app on Shopify admin,  Shopify Polaris can help you.

Polaris is Shopify’s design system which lets you establish a user interface that is very compatible with Shopify’s native UI. Unlike approaches to content and visuals, the main benefit of Polaris can be it involves  React component library. The elements offered by Polaris are simple to use and even documented well which fits into Shopify’s UI. No CSS or HTML skills are need, just plain JavaScript. Polaris makes brands to be productive by enhancing the JavaScript libraries such as React. If you don’t like to utilize React, Polaris offers HTML snippets for the React components.

4. Node JS

Node JS is the open-source runtime JavaScript framework that’s utilize to offer a reliable and efficient environment to apps without a web browser. Being a good compiler & simple to use UI, the latest Node JS version is more durable and more capable than the prior versions of the Node JS.

This programming language is made to create mobile & web apps. If you need to design an app that responds and performs better than others, connect with the Shopify plus agency. If you like to build a Shopify App with all the trending standards Node JS could be a good option for you.

Remember that Node JS is create to develop scalable mobile apps. No node js function operates I/O, so the process isn’t block. There are no blockers so developing a scalable system with node js is quite reasonable. Also, Node js development guarantees the best response and performance. It is useful to build a Shopify all efficiently and easily.


Shopify app development is technically tough no doubt about it. But all you need is a new skill to achieve. Reach out to a Shopify agency that features experts who have outstanding ability to create customized apps that easily enhance the Shopify store’s uniqueness. With many app integrations that are available in the Shopify marketplace if you like to develop a Shopify app consult a Shopify agency today.

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