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Reasons Why Google Advises Validating HTML

Google always wants you to stay positive in your actions and do as much as possible to keep the online environment clean. A recent tweet from Google’s Gary Illyes drew attention to the problem of invalid HTML. Google might find it OK to go with an invalid HTML, but the adverse outcomes might force you to itch your head.

“Dear JavaScript frameworks and plugins,

That would be great if you could stop putting invalid tags in the HTML head, like IMG and DIV.

Yours truly,

Browsers,” – tweeted Gary Illyes.

Gary Illyes tweeted about HTML Validation
(Image source: Search Engine Journal SEJ)

JS frameworks and plugins can enhance a website’s performance and speed its development. Valid HTML could be an essential factor in crawling and indexing, and you should pay attention to it. This post will explain the reasons why Google advises validating your HTML. Keep reading to know the main reasons behind the importance of HTML validation!

Reasons to Validate HTML:

Validating HTML

Valid HTML might not be necessary for ranking, but it has other functionalities to enhance your performance, speed, and user experience. Publishers should not worry about it as much as the industry exaggerates the term. However, ignoring it could be a tomfoolery, and you might miss numerous opportunities. Here are a few reasons why you should consider validating your HTML.

1. It could affect your crawl rate:

Invalid HTML can affect the crawling and indexing of your website and different web pages. Google bots will never crawl a broken link or unsupported content on your website, no matter how well your design is. Understanding how Google bots see your web pages are essential, and you will wait for a minute to fix the problem.

Crawling and indexing can help better rank on search engine result pages. Hence, if you are concerned about your SEO score, you better fix the HTML and put the right codes in the head to keep the wheel rolling. Anything less than that would never help your cause!

2. Browser compatibility:

Do you want a proper rendering of your web pages? A valid HTML is the remedy! If your website renders well across all browsers, nothing can stop it from higher performance and ranking. Page rendering aligns with the browser version you use, and what if you use the one favoured by Google? Glamour all around!

Valid HTML could fix your browser compatibility issues if you had any in the past. Most website owners often neglect this section and work on other domains, getting nothing but a waste of time and energy. Do you have issues on your website that require regular watching? Consider opting for website maintenance and support services in Dubai!

3. Encourages positive user experience:

Do you know that user experience (UX) is used as a powerful signal in the ranking process? Google considers it at various points, but an invalid HTML could be a major hurdle here. Invalid HTML can keep your web pages away from mobile-friendliness and make it slower when popups are installed.

If your pages render quickly, Google may consider it a positive user experience. However, the credit goes to valid HTML, and it would not have happened otherwise (with an invalid HTML). Valid HTML can help your website function well across all browsers and devices, leading to an enhanced user experience.

4. Ensures higher pages functionality:

Have you ever noticed that browsers often go into quirks mode? If yes, do you know the exact reason? Let us explore it! Poorly coded HTML can ignite quirks mode in your browser, affecting page functionality. The browser will change how a page is rendered when it is in quirk mode.

If the page does not work correctly, you will experience page rendering problems. Why not throw the problem out of the window by fixing your HTML code? Does it sound too complicated for you? Don’t panic! You can opt for web maintenance services and let the experts do the job for you!

5. It helps in Google shopping Ads:

Creating shopping Ads in Google is easier than ever with Google Merchant Center. It would be best to know that the Google Merchant Center support page recommends using a valid HTML, which means it can be helpful in shopping Ads.

Google also detects the price you display based on your landing page structure. With that in mind, using valid HTML means Google will detect the correct price, making your website an authentic authority with a better SEO score and authoritativeness.

Keep your website green and alive with experts!

Website maintenance can keep your website green and alive should you keep a close eye on it. Multiple maintenance tasks need frequent attention, and you should never overlook them. You can hire professional website maintenance companies if the job is too hectic for you. Consider hiring these web industry experts today to make your website function well across multiple browsers and devices!

Louis Rolen

Louis Rolen is a content writer and researcher, a regular contributor to The Information Minister, Explore Insiders, Web Technology Blog, and many other blogs. He writes about technology, finance, travel, marketing, and business. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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