If you’ve ever gone into a store to buy a towel, you’ve definitely noticed there are a number of color options to choose from. However, is there a color that is superior to the others? We’ve done our research and can guide you with the perfect color option for your bathroom towels. The best color for bathroom towels is white. Not only it goes with any bathroom décor, but it is also easy to clean. White towels aren’t exposed to fading the way colored towels are, and if you decide to change the rest of your bathroom, you won’t have to worry about having to buy new towel sets to match.

Presently you know the best color for bathroom towels, however continue to peruse as we examine this further. We’ll likewise address a few different inquiries regarding matching bathroom washcloth on the off chance that you could do without having white ones.


White Color Is Best For Bathroom Towels

Ever wondered why white towels are the ideal choice for hotel rooms all over the world? It’s because they look luxurious, they are easier to clean, and will match almost any bathroom decor.

Although it may seem like a bad idea to choose white color for your home textile because of the fact that it will show more dirt. You’ll be more likely to wash your towels if you see dirt on them because washcloth may be a breeding ground for bacteria. Because colored towels will conceal dirt and stains, you might not notice when they need to be laundered.


Also, colored towels will start to fade and likely at different rates. As a result, you might find that your towel set that used to match no longer does. Instead, you will have a set of colored towels of various shades. If you still like the idea of colored floorcloth that match your decor, consider buying some washcloth that are for decoration only.


Are White Towels Hard To Clean?

You may be concerned that white-colored towels are more difficult to keep clean because they show more dirt. But in fact, white dishtowel are actually simpler to keep clean than colored ones. If you have colored towels you should wash them in the hottest setting to prevent fading. Additionally, bleach can be used to wash white floorcloth without fear of color fading.
Take a look at a few tips mentioned below to know how to wash towels and keep them last for a long time.


1.  Look for a pH detergent

Most detergents sold in supermarkets are designed to be gentle on textiles and are close to neutral. Commercial detergents with a high pH for a harsher clean are also available, but they will destroy the soft fibers in towels and cause the fabric to break down much faster than a neutral pH detergent.

2.   Use baking soda to avoid musty smell

When washing white make sure to first get rid of the musty odor that is common with bathroom towels. A fabric conditioner is a popular choice for hotels looking to improve softness and eliminate odors, but it can degrade the fabric if used too frequently. On the other hand, baking soda is an excellent method to remove excess dirt from smelly towels.

3.  Wash using Vinegar

You’ve probably noticed that the towels stink even after several washes and that they lose their softness and absorbency. As soon as the towel becomes soaked, it becomes scratchy and takes a bad odor. There must be a problem on your end that needs to be addressed. You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary; all you have to do is add one extra unique element and wash your dishtowel in vinegar to restore them back to life.
Vinegar is truly a miracle product. It removes stains from anything, including clothes and glassware, shines appliances, and eliminates the stink from rancid-smelling refrigerators in seconds. It is also useful for your soft washcloth that were once found rough, dirty, and faded.


4.   Sanitize clothes in the sun

The best way to dry your towels after washing is to put them on a clothesline or maiden to dry, without doubling the material over. If the weather allows, hang dishtowel to dry outside in the sun. It can often speed up the drying time, keeps them fresh, and helps to sanitize the towels.

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