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Top 5 Ways to Propose

etikette candles

Are you jittery about and nervous for the big day, where are you are going to ask the girl of your dreams to finally marry you? The combination of nerves and excitement can be exhausting sometimes. Take the time to step back from all those intense feelings and relax a bit and then propose.

Get your thoughts clear and recall everything and anything your future wife loves. Once you bring these things into your memory, you could organize your engagement accordingly. Have her friends given you hints? Has SHE given you hints throughout your relationship or has she even straight up told you how she would like to be asked to marry you? This is why you have to pay attention.

1.      The Private Proposal

If your girl wants a private engagement where it is just you and her, this is perfect for you. There are many options for you if you are choosing to go private. You could hire your own personal chef to cook her favourite cuisine at a private dining area, at home or on a private rooftop for you and her.

Make sure that the décor is up to par. Surround your private dinner area with beautiful flowers, fairy lights and a few etikette candles to build a romantic atmosphere. In addition, you could fill up a room with pictures of you and her together with similar decorations and pop the question as you take her in! Get creative with it.

etikette candles
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2.      The Book or Puzzle Proposal

If the girl you wish to spend the rest of your life with is a lover of all things, literature or an erudite solver of chaotic puzzles, this is your go to proposal. You could buy a book full of her favourite poetry or stories and hide the ring inside it. Moreover, you could get your own custom-made puzzle for the proposal and once both of you finish off the puzzle, the reward could read “will you marry me?”, I mean, who would say no to that?

3.      First Date

Take it back to your first date for this one. Whether it was at the beach, café, movies or restaurants, GO BACK THERE. If you are able to, make sure that this area is decorated beautifully; you could even have some live music (her favourite genre) and make it a nostalgic surprise, buzzing with romance.

4.      Outdoor Picnic

If you and your girlfriend are picnic lovers, this is the ideal proposal for you. You have to plan it the right way. Choose the right location. In this instance, a secluded area on a beach or at a garden where you are surrounded with stunning scenery will set up for the best way to pop the question. Make sure the cutlery and picnic setting are fancy and the food is all about eclectic platters, wine and chocolate covered strawberries. You do want her to say ‘yes’, right?

5.      Scavenger Hunt

This is quite a rare proposal, but one of the best one’s out there. Especially if you and your partner love to do scavenger hunt challenges and are the type of couple that love detective games. You could get even more creative with it and hide some meaningful items on the list in areas that are special to you and your partner. Add in an appointment at the hair and nail salon, a visit to a fashionable boutique for her to pick out an outfit and the final location for the proposal with your family and friends.

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