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Top 5 E-Commerce Web Design Trends in 2022

If you have an e-commerce website, then the designing part is going to give some significant headaches. These headaches can prolong if not given the necessary attention. Design trends have been constantly in the evolution phase since the start of the internet. These trends solely target the changing environment of users’ wants about the product. 

Here are the following web design trends that we will rigorously unfold in each heading. 

  1. Beautify a complete e-commerce experience
  2. Non-conventional layouts in the product
  3. User experience or interface
  4. Voice integration design 
  5. More personalization

So, without further a do, let’s dive in to explore more about each and learn why it’s necessary for your business to fuel enormous growth in two to three years. 

Beautify E-commerce Experience

Your eCommerce website may have been challenging to build, but be prepared for the real stuff that will improve your entire online shopping experience or you can hire dedicated development team to solve various issues. Consider adding these features to your website to improve user retention. 

  • Improve the page loading speed of every page.
  • Add giveaways and the latest deals section.
  • Make every aspect mobile responsive.
  • Customize buttons and widgets.
  • Make buying process smooth. 

(A) Page loading speeding is one of the most significant contributing factors to a better user experience. Most people won’t revisit your site if they find your pages are taking forever to load. Modern-day consumers require fast loading speed and delivery, so it’s your job to improve such things. 

(B) People love giveaways and deals on any platform. Such strong habits of receiving a prize or winning a lucky draw compel a significant audience of your platform to part in the event you’re creating for them in the form of a random draw, deals, or giveaways. 

(C) Study shows that more than 80% of people use their mobile phones to do their shopping. And one can assume what kind of terrible experience your site/ app would leave to your potential customers if it’s not made mobile responsive. Mobile responsiveness of the product is absolutely necessary, and you should improvise on that. 

(D) Some e-commerce sites have awful buttons, pop-ups, and widgets, that utterly demotivates users buying from your site. These inadequacies should be removed entirely in order to increase user retention and provide them with a pleasant interface. 

(E) Your first priority is to remove the clutter from your site and assist buyers in making a smooth purchase. Buyers nowadays want one-click purchasing, and they don’t want to go any further once they stumble upon their favorite product. Hence, it makes the process easier for them and builds your brand’s credibility. 

Improve Layout And Site’s Structure

The site’s structure and layout are one of the things that people miss hugely. According to research, it’s the layout of the site that stops user retention of the website and makes the readers go away from the product. So how should you create your design that feels aesthetic and simple at the same time? Read more to find out. 

Experts find out that the following tips can help you freshen the layout and make things more likable from the user’s perspective. 

  1. Building a website mobile responsive is a must task for your business.
  2. Make information READABLE, skimmable, and visualizable to your readers. 
  3. Update, format, and paraphrase the existing content posted on the website. 
  4.  Make sure you have CTA – call to action for your customers.
  5. Add a ‘contact us‘ page or form on a separate web page. 
  6. Create pleasing-to-eye design

Think what would happen if your site’s visitors won’t find such things (mentioned above) on your website? Don’t think hard, because we have the answer! Studies show that more than 90% of people won’t revisit the same site if they experience a lousy user interface on their first visit. That’s how much significance site layout and structure have on the users that they won’t be able to compromise on such factors, no matter what. 

People who are twisted in how to perform such things on websites can hire some agency that can cater to e-commerce website development for their business. 

User Experience or Interface

If we talk about one aspect incessantly and mention thousands of its benefits, then you should know that we are talking about the user interface of things on the website. It’s the one factor that can make or break the online deal between you and your customers. People really do care about a good experience, whether it’s related to customer support or website design. Either way, you should look into it. 

One way to pursue web design is by looking at the successful examples of websites that have a track record of excellent user experience and trust. These two aspects, “experience” and “trust,” matters a lot on an online website, especially if you’re building an everlasting e-commerce brand. We are stressing the part of UX/ UI because research shows that people aren’t really looking forward to it. 

According to a recent statistic, only 55% of online business conducts UX/ UI testing on their platform and build their website around the norms. So, you should implement such testing to know where your business stands among your competitors and in the online commerce world.

Customize Buttons And Widgets

Order, Read More, and Drop Down Menu buttons are of sheering importance if you want to build a robust web design. They beautify the user experience through their colorful fading and color changes. On the other hand, buttons are really essential tools for site-user interaction; if it’s done correctly, they can prove viable in increasing user retention. 

Apart from buttons, widgets have a proven record of building and collecting amazing things on an e-commerce website, from which owners benefitted a lot in multiple mediums. Such things are: 

  • Managing clients’ emails to boost email marketing by sending weekly updates, news, deals, and whatnot. 
  • Enhancing payment gateway and providing a smooth transaction experience. 
  • Distribution of multiple downloadables and promo codes to clients.
  • Building a better user experience. 

More Personalization

Personalization is what online audiences crave for. They trust and build a long-lasting relationship with brands that put forward the customer’s favorite to them without them realizing it. Such personalization and customization to personal favorites are necessary for building an e-commerce site. It made people buy more from your site and made them do ‘window-shopping’ quite often. 


Building the best web design is an aspect of e-commerce website development that every brand should ask from their development team. If you have the best strategy in the market, then we guarantee that no one ever comes close to the sales you’re squeezing out. 

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