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Top 10 Daily Apps for Your iPhone

These days our phones are capable of just about serving us with anything or any information we want. From boosting your dating options to looking up recipes and everything in between is possible via a smartphone. And if you own an iPod or an iPad, then you will be aware of the extensive collections of applications that an iphone Store has to offer.

With the sheer number of apps given, where do you even start? Here, we have rounded up some of the best apps available, whether you are new to iOS or you are simply looking to expand your arsenal beyond the best iPhone games. Well, you can hire iphone app developer to help you with developing your individual app. Let us have a look at those helpful apps:

Best Navigation App

  • Google Maps

Google Maps

Apple is making a grand effort by launching its own Apple Maps. But we all know that Apple Maps is not there yet. So while the Apple engineers try and fix their Apple Maps, we recommend you install what is arguably the best navigation app, not forgetting – across all platforms. Yes, you guessed it right – Google Maps. It works well even in offline mode. You just need to make sure that you download the offline map data before you set it in offline mode.

Best Personalization App

  • Color Widgets

Color Widgets

As we know that iOS is limited to changing wallpapers and playing around with new widgets. So, if you miss customization options in iOS, we suggest installing this app called Color Widgets. It has an assurance of 4.6 stars on the App Store with well over 216K reviews. 

Best Browser

  • Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Apple came a long way from those days where it disallowed third-party browsers on its App Store. Today, there are numerous options you can choose from apart from Apple’s own Safari – which comes pre-installed on all iOS devices. There is no doubt that Google Chrome is a feature-packed, fast browser for iOS. 

Best Security App

  • Avast Security & Privacy

Avast Security & Privacy

Avast is a well-known name in the cyber security space. It is known for its excellent products for PCs and Macs. Both consumers and experts have consistently ranked this app as the best security suite for iOS devices. 

Best Group Chat App

  • Discord


If you want to set up a chat group or if you are looking to make a group with a bunch of like-minded people, then Discord is for you. It is a cross-platform app, so you can go from your computer to your phone and back again without losing a second. It has every feature that one expects from a chat app. Additionally; it also has a feature of voice chat. You can join groups easily through only a link.

Best Dating App

  • Bumble


Bumble is not your usual dating app. It encourages women to make the first move after the match. You can match with someone on the Tinder-like interface, and once you both get the match, then the woman has 24 hours to send a message on the app. If she doesn’t, the match expires. It is a different way of approaching a match.

Also, the time-limited nature helps to spur connections quickly. I am sure you might be having many different and creative ideas to put in a dating app. So why don’t you hire iOS app developer to make one of the most genuine dating apps?

Best Gaming App

  • Xbox


Microsoft’s mobile companion app for Xbox enables you to control your Xbox from your smartphone. So, you can use your mobile app to control media, and perform otherwise tedious tasks like typing messages too. When you are away from your console, this app finds a way to stay in contact with your friends and see what they are up to.

Best Meditation App

  • Calm


Calm is among the best meditation apps out there for iOS. Its meditation guides are excellent, and they also contain a free guide to getting started with. It also contains a Sleep Stories section with several popular voice actors and celebrities who read bedtime stories to bless your ears and give you a peaceful sleep. Calm has a subscription cost for almost all of the features you might want to try out.

Best News App

  • Google News

Google News

Whether you are hopping over from Android or have been an iPhone-faithful for some time, it does not change the fact that Google’s news app is among the best news apps. Drawing news sources from around the world, Google News proves to be the best way to keep up to date with the matters happening worldwide.

Best Camera App

  • ProCamera


ProCamera is an excellent app for taking great photos and videos for people who take photography very seriously. This app is now in its twelfth year and has consistently managed to earn excellent reviews from users and reviewers. Apart from supporting almost all camera features one needs, it has some added extras that pro users would love.

And that is it! Above was our comprehensive article about the best iOS apps. You can hire iOS app developer to develop such valuable apps for iPhone users. The idea to hire iPhone app developer also works when you want to add your unique features and functionality to enhance the individuality of your app.



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