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Best crazy facts about Dubai – that will make you amazed.


Have you ever been to Dubai? Does the paradise city fascinate you? For us, Dubai is like a city of fun, entertainment, and adventure that lets you experience how luxurious life should be!

Following are the crazy facts about Dubai:

  • Dubai is the place with the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa covers 830m from area to top and owns more than 160 stories.
  • Because of its continuous evolution, the fourth part of the cranes in the world is in Dubai.
  • Camel racing competition is a favorite entertainment in Dubai.
  • The Dubai police force rides supercars such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini, and many more.
  • This paradise is also famous for its luxury car hire Dubai So, if you want to ride one, you can rent a car from these companies.
  • Dubai is one of the most famous picnic spots for UAE vacation. Further, Dubai comes on the number four in the list of most visited cities.
  • The Gevora Hotel is the tallest in the world, having 75 stories.

Some other interesting facts about Dubai

  • One more crazy fact about Dubai is that Man-made Palm Jumeirah is the biggest artificial island in the world. Moreover, this island you can view from Space.
  • Dubai is a very diverse city when it comes to culture and religion. Many people with different religions stay together happily.
  • Arabic is the official language of the emirate, but English is widely spoken.
  • There is a misconception about Dubai. Dubai is a country, but it is not true. Dubai is a city located in UAE.
  • This city is also very famous for its world record.
  • The Burj Khalifa is too tall that it can be seen from 95 km.
  • You must have seen the ATM for the money, but have you ever seen the ATM for Gold Bar?
  • The crime rate of Dubai is lower than 1%.
  • Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair is the wealthiest man in Dubai.
  • The wealthiest woman in Dubai is Huda Kattan.
  • Dubai has the world’s second-largest mall. The total area of this mall is 1,124,000 square meters.
  • In this city, water is more expensive than fuel.
  • We have seen the metro around us many times, but Dubai has the longest automated metro system in the world.

Fascinating facts about Dubai that you might not be heard of before

  • There are three times more men than women.
  • Dubai is a city of gold.
  • The government of Dubai rewards its citizens with gold if they lose weight.
  • Dubai is very hot, sometimes temperature crosses 50°C
  • The largest gold chain has been manufactured in Dubai.
  • We keep dogs and cats as pets. People in Dubai like to keep tigers and lions as pets. They consider it as a symbol of status.
  • If you are getting married, you will get paid for it.
  • You will hardly see homeless people in Dubai.
  • The economy is very volatile. It is mainly dependent on tourism and real estate.

After hearing these crazy facts about Dubai, you might be feeling excited, but this does not end. There are many other super fascinating facts about Dubai. To experience all these exciting things, you should visit Dubai and feel it personally.


Dubai is a city with lots of amazing facts, and we have tried to unfold as much as we can. To explore Dubai more, you must visit Dubai once in your life. Pack your bags and book your Dubai ticket now!

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