Tips for choosing men’s t-shirts

So that the purchase of mens t shirts uk for men turns out to be successful and does not bring disappointment, before making it, you need to study the intricacies of the choice and pay attention to all the details.

So that the purchase of t-shirts for men turns out to be successful and does not bring disappointment, before making it, you need to study the intricacies of the choice and pay attention to all the details.

From the article you will learn:

  • About the basic styles of men’s T-shirts, their features and the appropriateness of such products;
  • About the dimensions;
  • About fabrics used for production;
  • About the general rules for choosing T-shirts.

After reading, you will learn how to choose high-quality men’s t-shirts of the appropriate style and size.

Styles of men’s T-shirts

For the image to look stylish and appropriate, you should carefully consider which style is optimal for your situation.

Let’s consider the most common models:

  • Classic T-shirts. The basic model is a short sleeve, a U- or V-shaped neck is possible. Broad-shouldered men are advised to pay attention to the V-shaped neckline – this option perfectly emphasizes majesty. Check the depth of the cut – too much can look inappropriate. The optimal length of the product is up to the level of the belt buckle of trousers and jeans;
  • Men’s polo shirts. Popular model: the sleeve is short, there is a collar, fastens with several buttons (2 or 3). Comfortable to wear, due to the collar, they look solid and appropriate for a classic style. The optimal colours for this style are white, dark shades of blue, in a stripe;
  • T-shirts. This model is practically not used for everyday wear, but mens t shirts uk are often produced for corporate purposes – as a souvenir or part of a promo form for exhibitions and advertising events.

Material for sewing T-shirts for men

Since this item of clothing is in direct contact with the body, it is important to choose the most comfortable and practical fabric for sewing.

Most often, funny men’s t shirts are made of the following materials:

  • Cotton. Natural and comfortable, this fabric is optimal for everyday wear. Give preference to a high-quality option – such t-shirts may cost more, but they will last better and longer;
  • Polyester. Artificial, but practical and durable material. Application on polyester t-shirts looks colourful and lasts longer. Although, as in the case of cotton, the result depends on the quality of the fabric;
  • Viscose. Practical in use, the body “breathes” in such products. The disadvantage of the fabric is that it wears out quickly and loses its original appearance;
  • Flax. The material is relatively expensive but justifies its price. Men’s linen t-shirt is durable, strong and optimal moisture exchange.

How to determine the size of a T-shirt

The decisive criterion when choosing the right product for you is the right size. Most of the frustrations with ordering t-shirts usually come from getting the size wrong in the first place.

To save you from such mistakes below is a detailed size chart of men’s t-shirts. Before ordering, measure your height in cm and determine what size you need. Then the purchased T-shirts will fit well and will not cause discomfort.

Also, take into account the peculiarity of the man’s physique. For skinny guys, it makes sense to buy a T-shirt not tight, but with a little extra – it will visually add volume to the figure. For full men, larger T-shirts are appropriate – a loose but fitted cut helps to smooth out flaws. Tips To Follow A Gothic Style Within Your Budget

Recommendations on how to choose t-shirts for men

Before making a purchase, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the tips listed below. By following them, you will be able to choose the appropriate products without unnecessary trouble and disappointment.

When ordering men’s t-shirts with printing, pay attention to the following points:

  • The first responsible stage is the choice of fabric. Loose, weak fabrics are characterized by low wear resistance. They are suitable for short-term use – one-time promotions or corporate events. For regular use, you should order stronger men’s T-shirts;
  • Check the tactile sensations from the selected fabric. Slowly run your palm over it – the fabric should be pleasant. Then wearing such a product will be comfortable. If you feel discomfort, or the slightest signs of an allergic reaction, you should abandon the option and continue your search;
  • Pull the fabric a little and look through it at the light source: the gaps between the threads of the fabric should be uniform, without alternating light and dark areas;
  • An important point is the quality and clarity of seams on finished T-shirts. Carefully check that no threads are sticking out along the seams of the product, that no stitches have been missed;


We recommend checking the correctness of the cut. Fold the T-shirt in half vertically: the sleeves must exactly match each other, and there can be no distortions and asymmetries (unless the chosen style provides for this from the very beginning); When making men’s t-shirts with an application, feel and examine the pattern. It should be applied, tightly adjacent to the fabric, and in terms of colour shades, it should be completely consistent with the initial layout. During the production of branded products, the employees of “Corporation “12” carefully monitor that the application meets the client’s expectations; After washing, T-shirts made of some types of fabric tend to “sit down”, decreasing in size by about 5%. Take this into account, especially if you plan to buy tight-fitting t-shirts.

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