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Often, we forget to wish a loved one well when they’re going through a tough time. However, saying get well soon eCards can go a long way regarding moral support and encouragement. As the saying goes, “a little love goes a long way.” And so too it is with those words.

In this article, we’ll highlight the positive effect of sending get well soon cards to those suffering or recovering from an illness or injury. We’ll also give tips on what makes for an incredibly great get well card — and how to deliver your message effectively!


As previously mentioned, a get well card doesn’t just have to be about wishing someone well. It can also serve as an outlet for you to express how you’re feeling (the good, the bad, and the ugly). If this sounds like it’s up to your alley, here’s what you need to know:

1) Choose the right words wisely!

Try not to be overly dramatic when personalizing your free get well cards. Don’t say things like, “your absence is absolute hell!” Just don’t do that. Instead, try to use a little bit of humor and not take things too seriously. For example, you could write, “I’m so glad you’re home! You know just how much I miss you. Here’s a chocolate chip cookie to make up for it.”

2) Show someone they’re important

It’s said that “actions speak louder than words.” This certainly applies to get well cards because sending one out can show someone that you care about them. If your friend or loved one suffers from an illness, give them a free get well ecards that shows how much you miss them and are thinking about them. Or, if they’re coming home from an operation or treatment, make sure the card states how much you’re looking forward to seeing them again.

Don’t just stick to the traditional “get well soon” message when determining what kind of digital card to send. You can also surprise someone with a personal note or letter that shows how much you care. Or, you can write a particular get-well card just for that person — maybe a get-well-soon message mixed with some verses from one of their favorite songs. Whatever makes sense and emphasizes your feelings is.

3) Provide encouragement and support

The best way to help someone get better is by helping them feel better about themselves. Give them a feel better card that is positive and uplifting — don’t focus on the person’s illness or injury. This can make a huge difference in their recovery process.

4) Provide comfort to someone in pain

When someone is going through a rough time, you can send them a get better soon card — with or without words. Sometimes all it takes is the right picture or symbol to set the tone of what you’re trying to convey. So while words may only go so far, you can still make a lasting impression through your card choice! Take some time to check out our article on meaningful get well soon cards.

Benefits of sending get well soon cards

Now, you may be thinking: “How could I ever say the right things to make someone feel better when they’re sick or experiencing some pain?” Well, there are various benefits of sending get well soon cards — and they can do wonders in helping a person get well!

Here are just a few reasons why someone should send a get well soon card:


1) It helps you keep in touch. One main reason people tend to miss out on getting their friends or loved ones get well cards is that they weren’t around during the worst times. When you send them a card, it shows that you’re thinking about. Them and want them to know that you care.

2) It can help you remember them. When we think of someone, we usually conjure up specific memories or associations that go along with it. But sometimes, you can miss those memories and associations because they were buried under the surface during a person’s illness or injury.

With that in mind, sending feel better soon cards can help you remember this person better by reminding you of how much you miss them — and how much you want their recovery to be a success!

3) It helps build someone’s self-esteem. If your loved one is going through an illness or injury, it may take a while for them to start feeling better again. Mental and emotional recovery is often overlooked — even though this can be just as important as physical recovery.

And the best way to help with this process is by showing the person that you care about them and are hopeful for their future. This includes sending them to get well soon cards or notes to show how much you miss them.

4) It’s great to say, “I’m thinking about you.” Remember: whether someone is going through an illness, injury, or an operation/treatment, they may feel alone at times — especially when they’re in pain or having trouble coping with what’s going on around them.

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