The Do’s and Don’ts of Gift Hampers

Christmas and birthday presents, for example, are examples of occasions when giving gifts is necessary. In addition, we commonly offer gift hampers as a way of reaffirming or establishing ties with others. But what if you don’t get a present on a special occasion from your loved ones?

Has this made you less important in their eyes?

According to Marcel Mauss, a French sociologist, refusing or rejecting a gift amount to the rejection of the partnership. We only give gifts to persons with whom we want a long-term friendship. So, if you’re going to maintain a close relationship with those you care about, don’t forget to offer them a present. You must always think and show your care about them.

But take note that there is no need to go the extra mile for gift-giving. But make sure you’re doing it right. So, if you wonder what is the do’s and don’ts of gift-giving, here’s a list for you:


  • Please give them a gift they’ll enjoy, something they value.It would help if you recognized that gift-giving should be material and have a sentimental component. For example, if you know that person enjoys reading, consider giving her a bookmark, a highlighter, or even the book she’s been wanting to read all along. By doing so, you show a sincere interest in what the other person wants.

  • Do offer them a gift, even if there’s no occasion. The theory of ‘symbolic interactionism,’which holds that people communicate via symbols, aligns with the way gifts signify love and dedication between partners. In other words, you don’t need a special occasion to show them how much you care. Instead, let your presence be there for them when they need it the most.


  • Never regift something.It is the most crucial rule of gift-giving that you should follow. This practice removes the art of gift-giving and makes it a matter of convenience rather than making it an art form. The person you’re buying for doesn’t even have to know what you’re getting them. The worst-case scenario is they recall giving it to you or, even worse, that they are the source of it. So, for the sake of the recipient, avoid regifting and get them something else like gift hampers.

  • Don’t offend them with your gift. Many people, especially those close to the receiver, believe it is acceptable to give a person a present that reminds them of their previous misdeeds. As a joke, it’s done by some to get everyone in the room to laugh. However, remember that it is never amusing to make fun of someone else’s error. Be empathetic.

Gift giving, in fact, aids in the establishment and definition of our interpersonal bonds. It can also strengthen people’s relationships with their families and peers. Offering to others allows us to deepen our feelings for the individual we are giving the gift to. Often, it provides the present who receives the most emotional gain from experience. However, keep in mind that some presents are given without expecting to receive something in return. It’s important to remember that respect and appreciation are two of the most potent driving factors for selfless gift-giving, so be sure you’re giving with the best of intentions.

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