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How To Celebrate Diwali In Eco- Friendly Way?

The bursting of fireworks has long been associated with Diwali. In reality, the festival of lights has always been made even more joyful by the bursting of crackers, which is a tradition that both children and adults have always enjoyed. Diwali is not only about get-togethers, exchanging gifts for Diwali, and good food in great company. It is also about celebrating the festival of lights in a responsible way. 

However, we must keep in mind that while bursting crackers may be entertaining for a short period, it has a very harmful effect on the soil and the air. In reality, it is the worst form of pollution we can voluntarily contribute to, particularly during trying times like this, where climate change has taken over every continent in the world. You can opt for celebrating Diwali in a thoughtful way by distributing Diwali gifts amongst the needy and poor, using eco-friendly crackers, etc. 

Here are simple ways in which you can celebrate the festival of lights in a simple and eco-friendly manner. Read On!

Give discarded clothing to those in need

When cleaning up your home, be sure to arrange your closet and donate any clothing you no longer use or need to those in need. There’s no harm in helping someone. Your small act can bring a smile to their face. 

Green crackers

This Diwali, let’s be responsible and use green fireworks. The people who have respiratory and lung problems can be adversely affected by the gasses from fireworks. Make a promise to use green fireworks to celebrate Diwali this year.

Make desserts at home

Avoid purchasing sweets from the store; they are laden with sugar and artificial coloring. If you must purchase sweets from a store, bring your own container and stay away from using cellophane and other wrapping materials.

Natural Rangoli

For this Diwali, let’s return to the traditional practice of using natural colors. Try to stick to organic products this festive period, such as rice powder, cloves or cinnamon (brown), turmeric or haldi (yellow), etc. Simple yet stunning! Flowers can be used too. 

Refrain from using plastic wrappers

Say no to plastic wrapping for gifts and decorations if you want to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way. Avoid the use of plastic. The plastic boxes are garbage that cannot decompose and are bad for the environment.

Eco-friendly lamps and earthen diyas

Decorating your home for Diwali with lights and lamps is a big attraction. Avoid the readily available LED lights and plastic lamps and instead buy clay diyas. If you want to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly  and pollution-free manner, clay lamps are your best friend. You can support artisan vendors and manufacturers of clay diyas by purchasing earthen diyas from them. After all, Diwali is for everyone. You can even use them as Diwali gifts. 

Create Your Own Lanterns

A fantastic alternative to crackers are homemade lanterns. They are not only far more cost-effective, but they are also safer for you, your kids, and the environment. To celebrate this festival of lights, you can easily buy glitter or bright sheets from your local  store, watch a creative video online, and create your very own homemade lanterns on Diwali night.


There are hundreds of children in our country who do not have enough food to eat or clothing to wear. During Diwali, consider giving some sweets, clothing, or gifts to needy kids to make their Diwali a happy one. Furthermore, traditional Hindu texts place a high value on charitable giving and contributions. As a result, by donating thoughtfully you feel more connected to your religious traditions and can help the poor and needy too. 

Come together With Your Family and Friends

With your loved ones, you may celebrate Diwali in the best possible way. Therefore, if you can, host a house party, prepare some delectable Diwali dishes, and enjoy this auspicious occasion with your loved ones. It will not only be much more enjoyable, but being with the people who matter the most will also let you experience Diwali’s true spirit. You can find more other events gifts here. With this, you can choose a better gift for your beloved and show your love towards them.

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