Social Media Marketing: Outsourcing or internal Staff?

In the development of a company, there will usually be a moment when the question arises. Whether it is worth hiring a colleague full-time for marketing tasks. Or whether it is more appropriate to outsource the entire process to social media marketing company in Dubai.

Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages, but if you think through all the aspects carefully. It will be clear which is the ideal solution for your own company.

As social media marketing company in Dubai, we also have an in-depth look at outsourced. And in-house marketing, so we’ve gathered the most important aspects for you to consider.

Expertise, experience

There are a lot of ads on job portals where they are looking for a marketer who understands. How to create a strategy, manage a Facebook page, PPC ads , can write graphics, is good at SEO and I could list more.

But how realistic is it that someone as a person not only understands all this. But is also completely professional in each field? So much so that you dare to entrust the marketing of social media marketing company in Dubai from design to execution.

It’s unlikely, or if there is one, you probably wouldn’t be able to afford it. If you need such a professional, a T-level marketer can help you.

A T-level marketer is an expert in a field of marketing. In this case specifically online marketing – (eg a PPC or SEO specialist). And has a basic knowledge of other fields, so you can manage basic campaigns on your own.

Such a professional may be best placed to perform complex marketing tasks. If he or she can outsource areas of which has only basic knowledge to subcontractor or company. For instance graphics tasks, search engine optimization, content marketing). Accurately and effectively, to follow and control their work.

However, the social media marketing company in Dubai will probably have experts in each area. Available in one place to work together to create the most effective campaigns for you. As these areas are related:


In addition to expertise, it doesn’t matter how effective your campaigns can be. For example, pretty much anyone can start PPC campaigns with general targeting and broad-matched keywords.

But this would have about the same effect as advertising your service in the middle of desert. Too wide targeting, too much inertia, no results, or just blind luck. thanks. A PPC professional, on the other hand, knows very well what campaigns and what targeting to use to not just burn your money with ads.

Plus, an social media company won’t even have just one person working on your PPC campaigns, because ad text will be created by a copywriter and creative ones by a graphic designer, as that’s their specialty.

The time factor is also important: your own colleague will probably have to deal not only with this, but with all other marketing activities, be it creating a catalog or organizing events, or what we experience in many places: general assistance (which, admittedly, is not a marketing task!).

If you don’t have enough time for online marketing, the results won’t be as effective either, there won’t be as much traffic, there won’t be as much sales, and lead generation will be expensive.


Last but not least, the effectiveness of your campaigns is a good idea to get them started on time. For a busy internal colleague, this may be the many items on your list, while social media marketing company in Dubai can expect your campaign to yield results within a few weeks of the request for quotation (of course, we’re happy if you don’t contact us 2 weeks before Christmas 😊).

For example, we have fixed processes and scenarios, everyone knows what to do when setting up a new campaign, and we always have an account to put these tasks together and keep them in check so we can get you started at all times.

Work organization, relegation

As a business leader, one of the most difficult jobs is to organize tasks efficiently, as you are responsible for keeping your employees on task at all times, but not overloading them.

If your internal colleague goes on longer leave, or you fall out of work due to sick pay, you will have to provide a replacement, which not only requires a lot of time and organization, but can also be financially burdensome.

If you entrust social media marketing company in Dubai, you don’t have to deal with these at all, their job is to maintain continuous, quality work, even during the summer season.

As you can see, there can be a lot of benefits to outsourcing your company’s online marketing activities, but perhaps the most important aspect is that it saves you time and money as a business leader. We work to take as much of the burden off your shoulders as possible!

If you entrust social media company, you still have things to do to make your campaigns run successfully and efficiently:

You need to brief the agency well ( we will write more about this here), as only you can tell them exactly what you need, what you need to know about your products and what your goals and expectations are.

The more accurate, detailed the brief you can give, the more confident the company will be able to put together a campaign that meets your expectations.

There should be continuous feedback to the agency on their work and results. If you are satisfied, then if you are not satisfied, then because. It’s important for the SEO Agency Dubai to know your opinion so that if something needs to change in the campaign, they can do it.

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