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School Management System Price In 2022 – Things you Must know

School Management System Price In 2022

 If you are leading a school, you definitely tried at least one school management system. You absolutely came to know every school software vendor has different prices for their educational management systems. There are different pricing models in the IT market. Some pricing models really confuse us for the very first time. When we go to market and want to purchase the software for our school or any other education institution school, college or university. 

There are hundreds of school management systems in the market available with the unique features and the different  prices in the market. This article will really help as a primer to anyone purchasing the school management software or need to replace the existing system in their school. This article applies to all the educational institutes including schools,  colleges, academies and the many other training centers. 

Pricing of the School management system

  • Free 

The two different versions of school management systems come under the free edition. 

Free Educational ERP software

As we go on the internet and do some research on school management software, you find some softwares exists at free of cost. If the software is not open source, then it will be a freemium product or service. You can start using the software free on trial for two or three months, but after a while you need to pay for it when you will reach a certain threshold. But you need to know everything about the threshold limit before you start to implement the freemium school management software in your school. 

Open-source educational ERP software 

Some softwares are available in the market, open source softwares that can be easily downloaded or accessed from anywhere without taking no permission. Similar to the above scenarios, this can easily work if you have technical faculty who can really understand the software code and can implement it within your institution. 

  • Paid 

Per-User Pricing 

The paid school management system comes with different modules. One of the most widely implemented methods is pay per user. By using this pricing model, the small school that has 200+ students needs to pay the lower price as compared to the school that has 1000+ students. But the features will be the same in all scenarios. Also keep in mind that the no. of joining and leaving the school next year, and check how this is considered in the pricing. Don’t forget to ask if the licenses need to be renewed yearly. 

Per – Institution pricing 

Many of the vendors have implemented the flat pricing of charging per the school. That will help to provide the unlimited user access license. It has decreased the hosting cost and allowed the users to give the freedom in terms of users’ licenses. 

Featured-Based pricing 

Some vendors provide the school management system packaged in the unique plans separated by many features. So the many small schools can choose the minimum plans. The larger schools can purchase higher level plans if they have a good budget. Find out the selected plan will be enough for the institution this year and in the coming years.


By reading the above article, you need to be clear about everything now, the different complexities involved in pricing a school management software. With this awareness, you can evaluate the different school management systems that many of the vendors present to you. If you need more expertise, you can reach us by clicking on the SW3 solutions now!!!

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