How to Transfer Emails from One Outlook 365 Account to Another?

User Query: I have been using Office 365 for years. Now that I am leaving the company, need to urgently submit my email data to my reporting manager in the new company. But I am not sure how can I migrate my emails from one Office 365 account to another. It would be really helpful if anyone could suggest a way. Thanks.’

After reading such queries, it is clear that many Office 365 users are facing such kinds of issues. Also, they are not aware of a genuine method to migrate emails from one Office 365 account to another.

Since emails are an important part of any professional field, managing them properly is crucial. Further, it would be very disappointing, If you lose even a single email carrying sensitive information such as client queries, business data, etc.

But, do not worry, in this article, you will find a hassle-free approach to transferring all your emails from one Office 365 account to another.

How Can You Effectively Migrate Your Emails from One Account to Another?

You would be surprised to know that, many Office 365 users are still searching for manual approaches when you can migrate your emails using technology.

Let me tell you there are many downsides to the old-school approach. We’ll discuss the same shortly.

But, first, to answer the above question, you can effectively migrate your emails using the expert-recommended software SysTools Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Tool.

After trying the software, you will be able to migrate not only emails but also contacts, calendars, etc. Well, you can say, it is one perfect solution for all your migration needs.

Now, let’s discuss the steps to carry out the migration.

Easy to Follow Procedure to Perform Migration from One O365 Account to Another

With the help of the software, you can be assured that your sensitive data is completely secure during the migration.

And, by following the below steps you can quickly and efficiently migrate your emails to the new Office 365 account.

Step-1: Install the software from the link given and run it on your system.

Step-2: After that, on the ‘Setup’ section, select Office 365 as source and destination to migrate Office 365 emails from one account to another account.

Step-3: Now, mark the checkboxes against email. If you also wish to select contacts, calendars, documents under the workload section. Then mark the respective checkboxes and click on the ‘Next’ button.

[Note: You can select the time duration of your choice with the help of the ‘date filter’ option for each category.]

Step-4: Next, fill in the Office 365 admin ID and application ID for the source. And Validate Source permissions. For that, hit the Validate button.

Step-5: After all the desired parameters turn green, you can transfer Office 365 emails from one to another account.

Then, click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step-6: Now, enter the Office 365 admin ID and Application ID for the destination. Validate the destination permissions. For that click on the ‘Validate’.

Step-7: You will see, all required permissions will turn green as shown below. 

Then click on the Next button.

Step-8: Now you will have to map between the users at the source and destination. You can easily perform the same, by selecting any of the three options: 

  1. ‘Fetch Users’ will fetch all the users from the source domain and for destination addresses, you have to enter them manually.
  2. ‘Import Users’ will  import users through CSV
  3. ‘Download Template’ will get a sample CSV file. In this case, you can add source and destination users to the sheet.

Step-9: Once the mapping is done, you will see both the source and destination users in the next screen just like the below picture.

Step-10: For the last time you need to validate all the required source and destination permissions. And click on the validate button.

Step-11: After all the source and destination permission turns green,  you can proceed with the migration process. And hit the ‘Start Migration’

Now, if you are still curious to know about the manual approach then have a look at the same below.

Can You Rely on Manual Method for Migrating Your Emails?

If you are technically sound i.e. excellent at PowerShell Scripting Language then you can try the manual method.

Through this programming language, you have to enter desired command lines to migrate your data from one Office 365 account to another.

However, you need to be very precise while entering the code. Otherwise, there is a risk of data corruption as well as data loss. If migration is not done mindfully, your important data could be entirely lost during the process.

Hence, to avoid unpleasant data incidents, you can fearlessly rely on automated software for data migration discussed earlier.

You will also find it helpful: How to Import PST to Microsoft Office 365 Step By Step?

On a Final Note

After reading the write-up, all Office 365 users must have gotten the solution for their queries related to the migration of emails. Since important information in emails plays a vital role in a professional career, choose the right tool.

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