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PNP Immigration Options for International Students

PNP Immigration Options for International Students

Canada has turned out to be one of the most-opted educational destinations abroad. The country’s hospitality and welcoming attitude also make it the best choice for foreign students. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an exclusive concept that also allows provinces to nominate international students for permanent resident status in the country.

You can opt for PNP to settle in one of the most developed countries in the world. The serene and pleasant atmosphere would offer you a prolific life. Canadian immigration consultants in Kochi would be able to provide detailed insights about this program. So, we are trying to offer some insight into PNP immigration options for international students in Canada in this article.

How to Choose a PNP Immigration Option?

Choosing a PNP immigration option would depend on the views of the students and his or her parents. A prominent point to note here is that each province in the country is unique in its ways. And would provide a healthy and successful life.

Many opt for highly advanced and busy cities like Toronto or Vancouver, to keep with the pace of the world. Some others would consider Ontario or Atlantic Canada for a calm laid-back life. Immigration lawyers would be able to give you a clear picture about the provinces. So, the final decision is yours.

Factors Related to PNP Immigration Options in Canada

Canada wants skilled students with exemplary grades to continue in the country, to fortify the economy and bolster its growth. The lack of adequate manpower has been affecting the growth of the country in several sectors. So, if you are hard-working. Then it will be easier for you to obtain PR  in Canada.

A plethora of PNPs is available for foreign students. Having a valid post-graduation work permit is the basic requirement for applying for PNP. So, The students, who completed one-year education programs in Canada can also apply for a work permit. The application must be submitted within 90 days of completion of the graduation program. This indicates that the application process has to be expedited, and there is no room for errors.

Various provinces in Canada offer PNPs for international students. The criteria including the educational qualification would depend on the particular province. The specific industry, commercial sector, or business the region is focussing on.

The province would nominate the foreign student if he or she is possessing the requisite qualification promulgated by them. It would enable the student to apply for permanent resident status in Canada. So, the student can process the application after the receipt of a nomination from a province in the country.

PNPs in Canada

As we have said, there are many PNP options available for foreign students to choose from. The laid down requirements and criteria may be different according to the needs of the provinces in Canada. So, we are elaborating on a few of the PNP options in Canada.

  • Ontario Masters and Ph.D. Graduates PNP – Ontario PNP is available for foreign students with Masters or Ph.D. from the selected educational institutions in the province of Ontario. So, if you need to apply for this PNP program, then firstly you can connect with the approved immigration lawyers to have detailed info regarding the eligibility criteria.
  • Atlantic Province – Atlantic province has been optimistic about offering resident status to international students. They are a step ahead of most of the other provinces in this regard. Providing the foreign students with advanced training, career guidance, and provisions on Canadian studies, So, the province plays a big role in turning more students into Canadian citizens.
  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) – Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program has been gathering momentum. It has a relatively easy process. The new Express Entry Canada Program renders easy access to AINP. So, the international students with post-secondary education qualifications from Alberta are eligible for the program. The international students, who have completed the post-secondary program and are working in Canada, can apply for the Alberta International Graduate program.
  • British Columbia International Post-graduate PNP – The students with a Master’s degree from an acknowledged educational institution in British Columbia can apply for this PNP.


In short, PNP is one of the several ways for obtaining permanent resident status in Canada! Because the country offers many different methods for providing permanent resident status for foreign students. So, Having a detailed awareness of the Express Entry Canada program will help you and prepare yourself for immigration to the country.

On the other hand, you can research through the material available online, to have a better understanding concerning migration to this beautiful country. Alternatively, you can consult reputed Canadian immigration lawyers in Kochi for expert advice and guidance.

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