8 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Photo Booth On Your Big Day!

With so much on the to-do lists, and many arrangements and things to check up on, pre-wedding days can surely be stressful. It is important not to miss out on even the tiniest details, because after all, it is your big day.

People have been hyping about photo booths in every event. They’re quite an attraction and an ideal way of taking pictures for memories. 

Ever thought of adding a photo booth to your wedding decor? You might be thinking adding a photo booth may seem irrelevant on your wedding day, but let us prove you wrong. Here are the 8 reasons why you should have a wedding photo booth on your big day.

1- Great source of entertainment

Apart from chit-chatting, beautiful music, dancing, and devouring the food, there must be another source of entertainment on your wedding day. 

Of course, all eyes are definitely going to be on you. But, what if some of the guests arrive early? You must keep a source of entertainment for such guests, and having a photo booth is probably the best idea.

Moreover, you can even collect wedding photo booth props for your guests to have a little fun inside the photo booth! You can either purchase these wedding photo booth props in sets or even have them printed out.

Trust us, your guests will love it. Apart from the professional photographs that will cover your big day, guests may feel more comfortable and like themselves in the photo booth. Just a quick trip to the photo booth will have your guests come out smiling every time!

2- Suitable source of entertainment for all ages

You will definitely have whole families coming in on your big day. This may include the elderly as well, especially those restricted to limited moves and even wheelchairs. 

What do you think their source of entertainment would be, apart from enjoying the music and the food? Thus, a fun photo booth would be a great idea for keeping such guests occupied, rather than having them sit around waiting for the bride to make an entrance.

The elders will certainly love the photo booth! However, you must keep in mind to have the photo booth located in an area or space where a wheelchair can easily make its way.

3- It is memorable

The best way to save memories is to take pictures.  

That is the sole purpose of a photo booth- only more fun! 

Wouldn’t you want to take out pictures from the photo booth after a few years, and feel that nostalgia pouring in? 

Have all your friends and family walk in the photo booth with you, and take crazy and silly pictures (we bet you wouldn’t pose crazily for your professional photography!). Each picture is going to have a different story to tell.

4- Instant pictures

The best part about a photo booth is that you don’t have to wait for weeks and months for the professional pictures to come in. 

We know how frustrating it is to eagerly wait for your wedding pictures to have a first look at them. Thus, because photo booths instantly provide pictures, having one at your wedding would probably be the best idea. 

Moreover, even the guests can take their pictures with them too! What a perfect way for them to remember your big day!

5- Makes the perfect gift

Still haven’t decided what little token or present to give to your guests? Well, think no more. 

Think of a photo booth as a present for your loving guests. Don’t go for those same boring roasted almonds or chocolate almonds as wedding gifts

Pictures from your wedding’s photo booth are an excellent way for your guests to look back on your big day, and they will treasure those pictures forever. 

Whenever your guests are going to take a look at the pictures from the photo booth, they will instantly get reminded of your wedding day. Which bride doesn’t want that?

6- Great for wedding guest book

Why go for the same old traditional guest books? Instead of opting for pictures of everyone as a couple, you can use pictures from the photo booth instead! 

Using photo booth pictures for your wedding guest book will make it much more interesting, fun, unique, and personalized. You will definitely love to enjoy filling up your book with personalized pictures and signatures!

7- Shareable pictures


We guarantee you- once you add a photo booth to your big day, your guests will surely be sharing those pictures over the internet for the next several days. 

Your guests will upload pictures on their social media, tag you, and post comments. Thus, this will definitely help carry on this fun for weeks to come, and will have other people and brides-to-be intrigued with this unique idea of yours!

8- Your wedding will be the talk for days

You probably won’t witness a photo booth in most weddings you go to. 

Therefore, having something unique and fun would definitely have the guests raving and talking about it for quite a while, even after your wedding has ended. Your guests will have a memorable and unforgettable experience at your wedding, and will even let you know about it too!

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