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Diamond Bracelet Shopping Guide

Diamond Bracelet

Bracelet Jewelry-

A diamond bracelet is actually a versatile piece of jewelry. There are so many styles to choose from. They don’t all come in the form of tennis bracelets, although those are the most popular choices.

Indeed, these bracelets can be more than circular objects covered in diamonds. If that is your preference, though, then you will find plenty to choose from. There are also styles such as diamond heart bracelets. These are silver bracelets with hearts adorned in diamonds. There are also 3-carat diamond bracelets handcrafted in sterling silver. Each bracelet can contain up to 135 individual diamonds! Each individual stone is carefully hand set in silver.

Deciding on a diamond bracelet to buy can depend on a few things. Your specific budget, occasion, and personal preference will all influence which one is best for you. You should be able to make this decision after you’ve finished reading through these explanations. The prices will also rely on the metal type you choose, diamond quality selection and size, gemstone selection if applicable, and length of the bracelet.

Categorizing Diamond Bracelets

Considered one of the more classic choices, a classic tennis style diamond bracelet can have a three-prong or four-prong setting, holding each diamond secure.

The next category is the gemstone and diamond combination bracelet. This bracelet type usually has an even distribution of gemstones and diamonds and alternates between the two. Many classic settings can be altered to include gemstones also.

The third category is the bangle bracelet. This non-flexible item is usually 7 inches in diameter and has a single clasp at one end. Securing the clasp will keep this oval or round-shaped bangle on the wrist. Many options now have diamonds in addition to the gold or platinum metal type.

The fourth category is the ultra-glamorous and sparkly red carpet diamond bracelet. These are not everyday accessories because they usually have multiple rows of diamonds or a unique set design that incorporates a large number of diamonds. Perfect for a wedding, black-tie event, or another special occasion, these magnificent accessories are not the kind of item you would wear to work.

The fifth category is the designer diamond bracelet. These bracelets are not the typical design. You will see variations of the XOXO styles, intricate shapes, and gold or platinum links in between the diamond links. Some designer styles even incorporate gemstones.

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How to choose

Another thing to consider is the size of your wrist. If you have a dainty and small wrist, you will want to go with a thin bracelet without very many embellishments. The diamonds should be small. A large and/or thick bracelet will only look bulky on your wrist. It’ll also feel heavy and somewhat uncomfortable.

If you want to buy a diamond bracelet for somebody else, it’s important that you get an idea of her size. If it’s going to be a surprise, pay close attention to the current bracelets she wears. Does she wear large bangle bracelets? Charm bracelets? Tennis bracelets? As mentioned above, you can find diamond bracelets in every style imaginable.

One unique piece of jewelry that many women will appreciate is the black diamond tennis bracelet. Black diamond stones have soared in popularity in recent years. While they don’t sparkle as much as traditional diamond stones, they are still strikingly beautiful. They also look great with any type of outfit.

Another thing to consider is the metal. Should the diamonds be set in sterling silver? Yellow gold? White gold? Platinum? They are all beautiful choices. The most striking and bold combination is yellow gold and black diamonds. If you want something more subtle, go with colorless diamonds and silver.

1. Set A Budget

Setting a budget is a very important part of the process of shopping for a diamond bracelet for it is a real factor that can determine whether you can afford one or not. Some diamond bracelets can even cost more than a car, so before you begin your search, know how much you can spend. And deciding what your budget is will get you started off on the right foot and help you get the most for your dollar. Although it is advisable to buy within your price range, do not rush into buying a cheaply made diamond bracelet just to spare a few dollars. Everyone knows how expensive the diamond is, so a cheap diamond bracelet may be a fake one and can not last for a long time.

2. Categories of Diamond Bracelets

There are several categories of diamond bracelets that range from the classic, red carpet, and vintage to the gemstone, bangles, and bracelets.

Classic Bracelets

The classic bracelet is the most versatile accessory a woman can own. It ranges from a simple three or four-prong setting to a bezel or channel setting. Additionally, this category has many designs that can be worn with any outfit, so they are thought of as an everyday jewelry staple.

Designer Diamond Bracelets

Designer diamond bracelets are more extravagant than classic bracelets because of their unique designs and they are also appropriate for any occasion. Some designer bracelets are even made of a mix of white gold and yellow gold.

Red Carpet Bracelets

If you’re looking for a bracelet to wear for a special event and attract people’s attention, a red carpet bracelet is a perfect choice. Each of these bracelets is carefully crafted in eye-catching designs. If you need something remarkable to wear for a special occasion, a red carpet bracelet will ensure you arrive in style.

Vintage Bracelets

For those who are crazy about vintage jewelry, this antique diamond bracelet is full of timeless designs that combine the highest quality materials with exquisite shapes. Many bracelets in this category are characterized by intricate details that turn heads or special edging details.

Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone bracelets include classic, vintage, and red carpet diamond bracelet designs. The addition of gemstones to many of our diamond bracelets creates a dazzling effect that truly makes you stand out. The gemstone color adds extra interest to these designs, while the sparkle from each diamond truly shines.

Gold and Platinum Shiny Bracelets

You can choose one of these bracelet designs and add as many diamonds or gemstones as you’d like. With this kind of bracelet, one creative idea is to add a diamond to your bracelet every year.

3. Select the Style

Whether it is a diamond bracelet or not, you must opt for the style that will match your personality or that of your recipients. But how to choose one from a wide range of bracelet styles? There are several things you need to consider when selecting the style of your diamond bracelet. The metal of the bracelet is the first thing you need to consider. You can choose yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, or even sterling silver, it just depends on your likes and budget. The diamond cut and color are the second choices you need to make. You can choose colorless princess-cut diamonds or round-cut pink stones according to your own desire. The last thing you need to know about style is that diamond bracelets come in fun varieties, some with floral patterns and some in swirling styles.

4. Choose the Setting

The bracelet ‘setting’ refers to the metal base that holds the stone. There are many choices for setting types including prong, channel, bezel, and half-bezel. All setting types are equally secure; it is a matter of preference. The setting that is most popular for diamond bracelets is the prong setting. A prong setting means that a small metal prong is bent over the girdle of the gem. A channel setting makes the stones fitted into the channel and be held into place on each side by a continuous strip of metal.

5. Choose the Best Diamonds

Now, it’s time to choose the diamond for your bracelet, which is a very important task and requires you to keep the following things in mind. a) the total diamond carat size of the bracelet you are buying; b) the diamond must have rich color, good cut as well as a smooth surface. Usually, the bigger the diamond is, the more visible any blemishes or coloration issues will be. So if you are choosing a bracelet that features fairly large stones, opt for a ‘better’ to ‘best’ diamond quality combination. If the bracelet features smaller-sized diamonds, then ‘good’ to ‘better’ quality diamonds should be fine. So decide on a budget for your bracelet and use the product configuration to create the perfect diamond bracelet within your budgetary limits.

Where to Buy (Recommendation)-

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