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What is Termite Infestation?

Pest Control and Termite Control Tips

Those having a property of their own or are planning to make one would know very well about termites. They are one-of-a-kindnuisances that most people try to avoid in their homes. The main reason behind it is that once they come in it is hard to take them out.

For a person, the property is their biggest investment and even a small termite infestation can cause a lot of destruction to the structure making it a total waste for you. They come in quietly and quickly spread across the house without anyone noticing it. To know more about these silent destroyers, read along. Here, you will find the important details about the termites and the infestation they cause. Knowledge is power; hence it will help you divert the problem easily. Check out the piece for more information.

Types of Termites

You will different varieties of termites mentioned in the texts. They can be found in the structures and to find one you need to know the basic details. Check it out.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are colony-making termites. They create colonies in the ground closer to the food source. Digging mud tubes or tunnels is what they do to move from one part to another. You will see that the subterranean ones have big nests and are spread over several properties.

Damp wood

Damp wood termites are just like their name. They make their nests in the moist, softwood and are easily drawn to them. If the wood has moisture, then you can be sure to find them there making colonies. Cellars, sheds, wooden structures outside, crawl spaces are some of the locations where you can find them.


The third one is dry-wood termite and they can be seen residing in dry wood. These termites don’t require moisture to thrive hence, they easily affect the dried wooden structures. Storing lots of woods in a place for a longer period can attract these nuisances. Once they attack within no time, they can destroy the structure and turn it into powder.

What attracts termites?

Termites are usually work in a bunch and form colonies close to their target. These pests form colonies close to the food source and end up eating everything that is wood. They like to eat soft, rotting wood. While some may or may not require moisture, water is something they look for while look for food. It is easy to find them in wet areas and decayed substances. In case you have lots of wood near your house, then beware, they can visit your house next.

Loose, damp wood close to wooden structures is a warning sign. These kinds of situations can aggravate the pest problems in your house. According to Hindu mythology, it is said that having termites in the house means ultimate destruction and that can’t be far from wrong. It doesn’t take them long to transport themselves from natural surroundings to artificial ones.

How to Keep Termites Away

The best way to keep termite infestation at bay is prevention. To protect your house from getting infected by termites, you may try the following methods. Have a look at them.

Excess Foliage Close to House

Love trees and plants a lot? Then this is for you. Having excess foliage close to a house can ring warning bells. The rotting and dead parts of the trees and plants attract termites. This can become a traveling medium for the termites and thus, it won’t take them much time to reach your property. For protecting the house, you will have to look after the timely removal of the dead stumps and trees from the garden.

Piles of Wood

Many people make the mistake of keeping piles of firewood in their house and closer to the ground. Termites can easily travel in these piles of wood and reach your house. These creatures may not be visible while staying inside the firewood, but once they set foot inside the house, they may grow a hundred times faster. They start eating away at the wooden structure quickly from within.

The best way to deal with this problem is to keep them at least 20 feet away from the property. One must keep them at least 5 inches above the ground as well. You need to make sure they don’t touch the ground at any instance.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters are another reason for termites to come in. The gutters clogged with leaves and twigs have moisture, thus, making it easier for the termites to feed in. These pests can find a way to get into the house from here. To avoid this, you may want to clean the gutters and drainage areas properly on a timely basis. This will help in keeping other pests including termites away. According to pest control services in Anna Nagar, people often overlook these spots so, having a professional inspection from time to time will help.

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