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Necessity of Tyre Repair Maraket Harborough

A tyre can damage when you drive recklessly. For a smooth ride, you need your tyres in perfect shape. A tyre offers stability and steers handling so you can turn in desired directions without slipping or skidding. The best way to keep up with the performance of your vehicle and your tyres going is regular maintenance. But sometimes you can not stop the damage from happening even if you maintain them well. You can damage your tyre or it just simply wears out. A tyre has a life and it will require repair or replacement when the time comes. One thing you can do is keep an eye on your tyre and look for any unusual signs in your tyre.

When to Repair or Replace the Tyre:

Knowing when or if your vehicle needs a change of tyres is necessary. A vehicle drop hint if it has some issues. Similarly, you can also feel the change in your driving efficiency if there is something wrong with your vehicle. In such cases, you should inspect your tyres closely or just take them to a nearby repair shop.

Worn Out Tread:

The tread depth measures from the bottom of the tyre’s grooves to the tyre’s surface. The minimum safest tread depth is 1.6mm. If lesser, the tyre can no longer perform efficiently on the road. It can also be dangerous to drive in such conditions. It is best to keep an eye on your tread depth and repair them as soon as they reach near 1.6mm.

Damaged Tyres:

Reckless driving or jumping over potholes can damage your tyres in numerous ways. Sometimes it is inevitable because of the road conditions. However, regular maintenance service makes sure your tyre bear the maximum damage and causes minimum danger to you. It is best to choose your tyre according to the usage and the road conditions.

Punctured Tyres:

Nowadays you can get a picture from a small twig to a small nail. Sometimes careless driving or hitting a curve can also cause a flat tyre or puncture. Unlaying issues can also lead to improper inflation which ultimately leads to punctured tyres. That is why we suggest you take your tyre for regular maintenance.

Unusual Tread Wear:

Bad wheel balance or suspension or improper inflation can cause uneven wearing in a tyre. If you notice your tyres wearing in patches take your vehicle to a repair shop immediately.


Just like everything tyres also has an expiration date. With proper maintenance, the tyres can perform efficiently for 5 years after which they will require replacement at any time.

The Aftermath of Tyre Repair Market Harborough:

Getting a new tyre fitting or repair is not enough. It is important to check for performance. Usually, you will find no issues on the technician’s part. But you can always look for help if you find any.

  • Fitting Guarantee:

There is a 30 days guarantee to the original guarantee of the tyre that manufacturers offer. If there is any issue with your tyre within 30 days of fitting you can contact the advisors and they will help you with the best possible actions.

  • Faulty Tyres:

It is very rare that you find the tyres faulty after repair. However, if it is the case, the producers will adhere to their policy for the return. They will hold an inspection of the tyre if you request a potential refund. That is why always keep a copy of the consumer guide to the tyre warranty which will help you get the refund.

  • Damage:

It is best to take pictures of your tyre and vehicle before and after repair. This way you can check when the damage happened and ask them to resolve it accordingly.

  • Usual Vibration:

You can look out for any unusual vibrations while driving. It might be because of balanced weight coming adrift, faulty tyres or worn-out suspension components. Just call the professional so they can assist you and find the root cause of the vibration.

  • Maintain Your Tyre:

Maintaining a tyre and your vehicle is the most important part of owning a car. It is important for your safety as well as the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

Tyre Repair Market Harborough offers you a great service so you can now relax and drive with peace of mind. Visit them for more information.

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